How the Highest Waterfall in the Baltics Turned Into an Icy Kingdom | Video


Millions of icicles and fabulous ice figures… that’s how the tallest waterfall in the Baltics, Valaste Waterfall, looked on February 5.

Valasta, Estonia
The 30-meter-high Valaste Waterfall, located in northeastern Estonia, is considered a national symbol of Estonia

According to legend, more than 180 years ago, a local man named Kraavi Jüri dug a drainage ditch and led it to the Ontik cliff. In 1840, the local newspaper Inland, published in German, dedicated a short article to the waterfall and even called it the wonder of the world.

The water falls from a cliff consisting of sandstone and ancient Silurian limestone. The waterfall looks most spectacular in the spring and during floods. But in winter, when the north winds blowing from the sea and water splashes turn the trees growing on the cliff into ice sculptures, the views in Valasta are unrepeatable.

Valaste Waterfall, located on the Ontika limestone cliff, is more than 30 m high, making it the highest waterfall in Estonia

The waterfall can be admired also from the side, whence you get a lovely view of the layers formed in 400 million years. The waterfall is most striking in spring and during floods. But it is most spectacular in winter, when the northern winds blow from the sea, with the water droplets forming ice sculptures on the trees on the limestone cliffs.

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