US envoy to NATO: Russian hacking claims ‘a big concern’



Kay Bailey Hutchison | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Kay Bailey Hutchison says allies will ‘try to determine how it’s happening and cut it off.’

Reports of Russian attempts to gain access to U.S. soldiers’ smartphones are a “big concern,” the U.S. ambassador to NATO said Thursday.

In her first official press briefing since taking office in August, Kay Bailey Hutchison said of a report in the Wall Street Journal, “I think it’s a big concern. It has just come to light but I think it’ll be an area of discussion and most certainly I know that ourselves and our allies are going to be immediately looking into it … and try to determine how it’s happening and cut it off.”

According to the Journal, Russia carried out a campaign to compromise soldiers’ personal smartphones. The aim, according to the report, was “to gain operational information, gauge troop strength and intimidate soldiers.”

The Russian campaign targeted the 4,000 NATO troops deployed to Poland and the Baltic states to protect the alliance’s European border with Russia, the report said.

Source: Politico

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