Ukrainian ambassador to Lithuania: Crimea will not be suppurated from Ukraine


[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Ukrainian Ambasador to Lithuania Valery Zhovtenko | DELFI Photo, © by Š. Mažeikos[/notice]

Ukraine’s ambassador to Lithuania, Valery Zhovtenko argues that that Ukraine hopes that the Russians will leave Ukraine and will cancel all their military actions in Crimea area since Ukraine has not done anything that would cause such a reaction from Russia reported DELFI.LT.

“I hope that the Russian military will stop their actions, because we have not done anything , we are just living on our teritory territory. We did not do anything against the Russian-speaking inhabitants in Crimea, we not created any preconditions for such actions from Russia” , – said Zhovtenko.

Zhovtenko also spoke about the reaction of the International Community to the actions in Crimea: “I think that this is the first wave of reaction of the international community . If Russia will not leave Ukraine, I hope that the international community will not remain silent and will give Russia new signals confirming that Ukraine is a sovereign state , and our integrity must be protected” noticed the ambassador.

Zhovtenko claims that he new Ukrainian government has support from the majority of the Ukrainian people, but the Russian media shows an another picture: “In Dnepropetrovsk, thousands of people marching, maintaining our independence and sovereignty , the same thing happens in Kharkov. The Russian media , of course, show a different picture , but this is how they are working”.

“Nobody, including the Crimea, does not want to be separated from Ukraine. The world understand now that Ukraine is not only independent , but also a free state . Ukraine worldwide showed that it had a modern civil society, that people can be heard, that they love freedom and want to fight for it ” summarized the Ukrainian Ambassador to Lithuania.

Crimea region belongs to Ukraine since 1954 after the head of USSR in those times Nikita Khrushchev donated this area to Ukraine. It is autonomous parliament republic within Ukraine. The majority of the population in Crimea are Russians who are supporting the transfer of the region to Russia.



Aleksejus Podpruginas
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