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Ukraine: Local authorities shoot an businessman grenade launcher


Today Ukraine is terrible to live not only in the East. A grenade launcher was fired in a peaceful village near Kyiv

Private property was damaged. Common people might have perished in this incident. Children are frightened and afraid to go out. The reason of the incident is a high level of corruption of local authorities and the police.

Someone had shot an excavator of a local businessman which fortunately was far from the houses and at there were no workers nearby.

No injuries were reported. The conflict emerged because of the local authorities of Kryukovshina who mired in corruption and are afraid of publicity. And the crushing story of them has been shown in the TV-programme “Groshі” by 1 + 1 channel recently.

Reporters due to the initiative of Svyatoslav Kozyrev conducted a study and found out that the village head Andriy Kripak misappropriated huge sums of budget money during the construction of a kindergarten in Kryukovshina.

Svyatoslav is a businessman who lives in the village and notices what is actually doing Andriy Kripak. Svyatoslav is an owner of the excavator which was fired by the grenade launcher. In such a way the local authorities are trying to protect their corruption schemes and intimidate anyone who oppose them .

Public organization “Narodna rada Kryukivshiny” appeals to international organizations and the media for help to fight corruption and bombardment of a peaceful village.


by Alena Tsibulska


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