TV in Russian: Estonia leads the way


The television station ETV+ goes on air in Estonia at the end of the month

The channel is aimed at the country’s Russian-speaking population and is meant to counterbalance programmes broadcast from Russia.

The website of the Latvian public broadcaster LSM sends its best wishes despite its reservations:

Our Estonian colleagues have done it! They’ve started their own Russian-language TV channel! … Studies have shown that people are mainly interested in local news, well-known personalities, sports and business news. ETV+ hasn’t come up with anything out of the ordinary, it just wants to address Russian-speaking viewers with a programme of its own. … While there is no strategy to speak of for the Russian-language audience in Latvia, the Estonian public broadcaster is doing the craziest things: it’s tossing money out the window and menacing the status of the Estonian language [that was the gist of some of the criticism of the new channel in Latvia]. … Sounds a bit extreme, but we wish them the best of luck!

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