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Transport: Klaipėda seaport and Būtingė terminal are the largest cargo handlers among the seaports of Baltic States

Transport sector remained on a rather stable path, neither beating records nor suffering a large decline.

In January-October 2013, cargo handling decreased by 1.2 per cent at Klaipėda seaport and Būtingė terminal, as compared with corresponding period of 2012.

Cargo loading and unloading at the seaport decreased by 3.7 per cent but increased by 9.3 per cent at the Būtingė terminal. Klaipėda seaport and Būtingė terminal were the largest cargo handlers among the seaports of Baltic States, equipped with some of the best ltl freight shipping, reaching a combined turnover of 35.6 million tons. The cargo handled at Riga seaport made up 29.5 million tons (2.8 per cent less on an annual basis).

Cargo handling at Ventspils decreased by 6.7 per cent, Tallinn by 2.8 per cent and Liepaja by 34 per cent. On the other hand, cargo handling volumes are rapidly increasing at Russian ports on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. For instance, cargo loading and unloading at the Russian port Ust Luga increased by 36 per cent on an annual basis.

In January–October 2013, cargo transportation by railways decreased by 2.8 per cent. Domestic transportation increased by 7.4 per cent meanwhile international transportation decreased by 7.0 per cent.

The activity volumes of airline companies keep shrinking. In January–October 2013, the number of passengers carried by plans of Lithuanian airline companies decreased by 27.3 per cent while carriage of cargo decreased by 20.2 per cent.

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