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Top 7 most surreal places to see and experience before you die


If you are planning to make a bucket list to travel before you die, then you must make the list very carefully. There are places on earth, which can offer exquisite scenic beauty and the true sense of the diversity of the world. Seven of the most famous surreal places to visit before you die are mentioned herewith


  1. Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon, United States of America

The Pacific Northwest side of the country is unique for its breathtaking combination of hills, ocean and forests. Among them, Mount Hood stands as a completely different entity. This hill is one of the highest peaks of Cascade Mountains. You can take a hike through the incredible pine forests, dense to the core. The scenic mirror lake, snow covered hilltops just add to the magnanimity. The beauty is simply incredible and deserves to be in your list of must-travels. You can reach there by road or by train at any time of the year. There are a lot of affordable hotels located nearby, such as “Sandy Salmon Bed & Breakfast” and “The Resort at The Mountain”. You can find a lot of local restaurants as well.

Mount Hood National Forest Oregon

  1. Deosai plains, Pakistan

The next in the list is the great Deosai Plains in Pakistan. The beauty of that place is simply breath taking and will mesmerize you at the very first site. The place has been considered to be the place of the Giants for centuries. The weather is extremely unpredictable and sometimes it starts to snow even in the summer. Situated in the other side of Kashmir, this place has valleys that are parts of local folk tales.

The inhabitants are mostly nomads who have their own set of cultures, sports and languages. Go, live with them for a few days to realize how beautiful life can be in the most extreme of situations. You need to take a jeep or some other kind of vehicle with an experienced driver to roam around the plains. While the mountains and meadows are breathtakingly beautiful, you will need to plan ahead before you go there as you might have some trouble finding a hotel or bed and breakfast right on the spot. It is highly recommended to hire a tour guide, read through reviews of hotels in Pakistan and book a room online before you embark on a journey.

Deosai Plains in Pakistan

  1. Great Wall of China, China

One of the greatest men made marvel, the Great Wall of China still stands still. More than a few thousand miles long, with more than 7062 lookout towers, the Great Wall of China snakes through the country around hills, forests and lakes. The construction of the Great Wall began almost two thousand years back with the aim to protect the country from attacks from the tribes belonging to the northern regions of China and Russia. The beauty of the trail is indescribable and the experience of travelling along with the length of it is definitely going to stay for a lifetime.

Great Wall of China

  1. Machu Picchu, Peru

The pre Columbian site of Machu Picchu dates back to more than five hundred years. The site was the home of the great Inca civilization and is located atop of a hill at a height of more than eight thousand feet from sea level. If you are incredibly adventurous, then you should take the hike to reach the place. The hike itself is an experience to take with you. When you reach atop, the great structures of Machu Picchu will be waiting to welcome you. The greatness of the structures, the way of living that high will mesmerize the traveler inside you to utmost level. “Belmond Sanctuary Lodge” and “Womand Hotel” are some of the nearby hotels that you can try. The restaurants around the area serve great tasting local cuisines.

Machu-Picchu in Peru

  1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is located in the city of Girdavik in one of the remotest areas of Iceland. The place has earned its place in folklore. There is no place like this in the whole world which offers you the greatness of a natural spa. A lava bed underneath the ground constantly heats up the seawater constantly. The water can reach up to a temperature of 100 degrees. Set in the backdrop of the gorgeous Northern Lights and rolling hills, the Blue Lagoon deserves to be considered as one of the most relaxing and revitalizing places on earth. Experience the great delicacy of this place before you take a leave. There is a wide variety of local hotels in the area, it would be best to read through the hotel reviews and prices online so that you can avoid any hassle when you are actually there.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland beautiful

  1. Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia

This is one of the most western points of Russia. The Kaliningrad Oblast is situated in the Baltic Region and is said to be among the only few sea ports of that region which remain “snow free” around the year. The beauty of this place is beyond any description and you should visit the place once at least once in your lifetime. The seafood is exquisite and people friendlier than you might have expected.

Kaliningrad Oblast Russia

  1. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

At around 600 miles from the South American coastline, Galapagos Islands have become a must-visit place for nature lovers from around the world since Charles Darwin made the island famous in his writings and researches. The island offers you the most varied collection of flora and fauna. Almost all the island is protected under a national park. You can have guided tours, scuba and hikes and many more options to enjoy your stay there. You can reach there by plane or via specialized cruise ships.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Visit these places while you can and make every moment count. These seven places will give you experiences which you would like to share and cherish for a lifetime.

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