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The USA will send tanks, combat vehicles and troops to Latvia

USA Tanks
USA Tanks

The United States will send four tanks, 12 infantry combat vehicles and 150 troops to Latvia in order to bolster the security of the Baltic nations, a spokesperson for the Latvian Ministry of Defense Kaspars Galkins said Thursday

The Latvian military official said that a squadron of the US 173rd Airborne Brigade, stationed at a military base in Adazi, will be replaced a same-level unit of the 1st Cavalry US Army Division, consisting of two squadrons, one of them equipped with 12 Bradley infantry combat vehicles and the other one with four Abrams tanks.

The US military will be engaged in training Latvian and other NATO member nations’ troops, Galkins added.

In April, Washington sent troops to Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to support its NATO allies amid the Ukrainian crisis.

During his September visit to Estonia, US President Barack Obama reassured the Baltic nation with support from Washington over alleged Russian aggressive foreign policy toward Ukraine.

Estonia currently stations over 150 US troops from 173rd Airborne Brigade, with the country’s Defense Ministry also saying the United States will replace them with 1st Cavalry US Army Division personnel, tanks and combat vehicles.

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  1. If America is sending THESE tanks, Russians sure are in trouble 🙂

  2. I live in Latvia and I do hope they send Abrams for the sake of us. The pressure from Russia isn’t something to be taken lightly. Not that a couple of them could stop Russia if something were to happen.

    1. Thanks USA for the tanks, send more when possible, about 40 would be a good start.

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