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The US military has lost a second Russian submarine in the past 24 hours

P-8A Poseidon

The US has started to panic after it lost two Russian submarines from its sight overnight.

A couple of hours ago, the US military launched a military special operation to search for the Russian submarine Rostov-on-Don, which unexpectedly went missing after entering the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. A few hours later, the US military was also unable to locate a second Russian submarine, which had left the port of Tartus, where the Russian naval base is located.

The US military is most concerned that the Russian Navy submarines “disappeared” at the very moment when a US carrier strike group appeared in Mediterranean waters.

Later it became known about a similar operation undertaken by the IMF and NATO air force to search for a Russian submarine, presumably out of the port of Tartus. This was reported by analysts of the Operative Line telegram channel. According to the channel, US P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine planes have been continuously monitoring a certain area of the Mediterranean Sea southeast of the island of Cyprus for the past 24 hours. For 24 hours from NAS Sigonella airbase located in Italy, the planes have been taking the same course in succession.

Analysts say such activity is most often linked to the appearance of foreign military vessels that NATO wants to track. This time, it is likely that the cause of the commotion was a Russian submarine off Tartus. Analysts lament that no one will ever tell the truth about what is happening on either side.

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