Running Soldier – The paranoid side of the current political environment in the Baltics


Running Soldier shows the paranoid side of the current political and digital environment in the Baltic region.

On the Baltic coast there is a separated area – Kaliningrad Oblast. It forms the westernmost part of Russia and is an exclave, with no land connection to the rest of Russia.

Next to it is also the westernmost point of Lithuania and the Baltic states, resort town Nida.

This 40 second long video work documents an escape on the border of Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia and Nida, Lithuania. It is fiction. Or maybe not.

The Baltics – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – are situated in north-eastern Europe next to Russia.

Taking into consideration the history and also late politics of the powerful neighbour it has created considerable anxiety among the three.

Spreading the truths online is comparatively easy and the effect of these actions are often decided by the skills of presentation.

This creates an information space, where awareness and questioning of who broadcasts the most ‘accurate’ and ‘factual’ information is part of everyday online practice.

So it becomes exhausting and the tune starts to play:

“I want to break free”

Running Soldier was made by Vytautas Jouzėnas and Vida Strasevičiūtė who both study currently in the Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania) and Raiko Suits from Baltic Film and Media School (Estonia).






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