The northernmost adventure rally on the globe


In 15 days, 7500 kilometers through 10 countries with 120 teams. This is the northernmost adventure rally in the world

After month of crawling through the video footage of the Baltic Rally 2014 it is ready to show.

Thanks to Martin Rieck for is passion and adventurous spirit.

As it is like going back in time, we made 3 parts of it like the original trilogy of “Back to the Future“. Part 2 & 3 of the movie will follow week by week from now on.

So, enjoy the first episode:

Baltic Sea Circle 2014 – The Movie – Part 1


You’ve been up all day, 15 days in a row. You’re driving a car your dad could only dream of, taking in the stunning nature all around you.

Explore the Baltic States, Russia and Scandinavia in your own special way.

7,500 km of white sand coastline, lonely archipelago, rugged cliffs and deep fjords, the North Cape (the northernmost point in Europe) in midsummer, and insane parties in St. Petersburg and Tallinn during the famous White Nights. The Baltic Sea is exploding with action this time of year and you’re sure to get your taste of it.

Imagine yourself in a 25-year-old BMW driving by the light of the midnight sun, just a couple miles from the North Cape. Drink a homebrewed with the sons of the Vikings. Dance 24 hours around the midsummer trees in Latvia. Have the most action-packed 15-day adventure of your life.

A film about the northernmost adventure rally on the globe – The Baltic Sea Circle. 50 minutes of rally adventure in one film.

A orange monkey production and a film by Martin Rieck.


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