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The Israeli military is hitting Hamas “with growing force” — An Outsider’s View of How to Calm Middle East-Gaza Tension


The Hamas arsenal of rockets keeps on coming as the Israeli military continues its offensive by hitting the Gaza Strip with its artillery fire, air strikes and tactical incursions

Even if this strategy ends the current crisis, it will most likely prove futile in preventing any future attacks. After all, Operation Protective Edge is the third major offensive on the Gaza Strip in six years. Meanwhile, the escalation of hostilities and violence is bound to further raise decades old tensions.

Result: Hopes for lasting peace pushed even farther into the future.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that the Israeli military is hitting Hamas “with growing force,” and he guesses there is no end in sight. He told his ministers: “We do not know when this operation will end.” Yet the mounting misery could end quickly and age-old tensions could be rapidly reduced if PM Netanyahu added a proven, advanced military technology to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) arsenal. Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) is a scientifically validated approach. Extensive in-field military experience, coupled with peer-reviewed research shows that IDT can effectively, efficiently, and quickly end the current turmoil, and eliminate the rising spiral of violence. If the IDF quickly deploys this statistically-verified approach it will not be necessary to base Israeli defense operations on guesswork or to risk the lives of Israeli and Arab citizens.

This IDT approach to reducing stress and violence has been field-tested by foreign militaries. It is validated by 23 peer-reviewed studies carried out in both developed and developing nations. They include the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Independent scientists and scholars endorse it, based on 25 years of research.

IDT uniquely neutralizes the power base of insurgent groups, which is the stress, frustration and civil unrest prevailing in the general population. By eliminating the root cause of insurgency, violent outbreaks are pre-empted and prevented. IDT is effective because it gets to the heart of the matter. Insurgency often thrives in nations in which decades or even centuries of under-employment, poverty, and hunger have created a huge societal weight of stress, frustration and unhappiness. This leads to civil unrest, social violence, and a downward spiral of economic degradation.

A specially trained military unit called a Prevention Wing of the Military uses IDT to reduce stress in the national collective consciousness. As the stress and frustration ease, the population is more capable of finding orderly and constructive solutions to their problems. Entrepreneurship and individual creativity increase. With increased intelligence, people’s aspirations are raised and a more productive and balanced society emerges. Such a society abhors violence as a means for change or as an expression of discontent. And so the ground for terrorism is eliminated.

What is more fascinating is that this change takes place within a few days or weeks after IDT is introduced. The changes are measurable from such statistics as crime rates, accidents, hospital admissions, infant mortality, etc.

The IDT soldier’s daily routine includes the practice of the Transcendental Meditation program and its advanced TM-Sidhi program. As a societal coherence-creating military unit, they practice these programs twice a day, seven days a week, preferably in a secure location near the targeted population. Their presence and deep-field influence operation need not be disclosed to achieve the effect of violence reduction and conflict resolution.

Such coherence-creating groups have achieved positive benefits to society, shown statistically, in even just 48 hours. Modern statistical methods used in this research preclude chance or coincidence.

The IDT approach has been used during wartime, resulting in reduction of fighting and in number of deaths and casualties, and in progress toward resolving the conflict peacefully.

Societies applying IDT perform extremely well in a very short time. This is what decreased the intensity of war in Lebanon in 1984 in a dramatic way in 48 hours, to name only one of the successful experiments.

In 1992, the Mozambique military carefully analyzed the IDT research and decided to try it. As predicted, violence disappeared by 1993 and Mozambique become more self-sufficient. The economic growth reached 19%. Once the poorest world country in 1992, by 2000, it had moved up to be the world’s fastest-growing economy.

In summary, IDT works by deploying human resources, and utilizing the human brain mechanics, the most powerful natural resource possessed by every nation on earth. The positive transformational effects of IDT have been statistically proven numerous times to decrease and prevent violence and terrorism, and boost the economy. This defense technology supersedes all other known defense technologies (which are based on electronic, chemical, and/or nuclear forces). The military that deploys this powerful human-resource-based technology disallows negative trends and prevents enemies from arising, and as a result, it has no enemies. No enemies means no terrorism and no insurgency.

If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu orders his military to establish Prevention Wings of the Military, they will ease high tensions, reverse centuries of mistrust and hatred and permanently prevent future unrest. Extensive scientific research objectively says, “Yes, the approach works.” Why not use it in Israel? Time is running out. The best time to act is now before the situation worsens.

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