The French National Assembly liberalised the laws on abortion


French state should protect private sphere

The French National Assembly liberalised the laws on abortion on Tuesday.

In future women will be eligible for an abortion without having to prove that they are in dire need. For the conservative daily Le Figaro, intrusions into the private life of French citizens are becoming increasingly frequent:

Will we, the men and women of France, soon be asexual (neither male nor female, neither fathers nor mothers), non-identifiable (neither white, nor black, nor yellow), with no private lives? Laws, projects and reports come raining down: gay marriage, gender theory, equality between the sexes, euthanasia.

… The words change, the thought police watch over us all the closer. Mind your own business and let us live in peace! we want to cry out to this Socialist government. All the more so because – starting with the president – it is in no position to lecture us on the subject.



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