The Finnish postal service announced extensive job cuts

Finnish postal service costly and inefficient

The Finnish postal service announced extensive job cuts on Thursday, and plans to lay off 1,200 letter carriers. The state enterprise only has itself to blame for its present financial difficulties, the liberal daily Savon Sanomat comments:

The government hopes that people will react positively to the restructuring. But hardly anyone will be happy that the state-owned enterprise Itella wants to slash 1,200 jobs, a move that will only make its service worse than it already is. The cuts will barely be felt in the cities, but the inhabitants of more sparsely-inhabited regions are not in an enviable position.

… The company’s management can justify the staff cuts by pointing to new technologies. But it only has itself to blame for the fact that fewer letters, newspapers and packages are being sent by mail. Parcel deliveries will soon be so expensive that it’ll be cheaper to get in the car and deliver your packages yourself.


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