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The decline in youth unemployment rates in Lithuania is one of the fastest in the EU


Youth unemployment has declined by almost half since 2010 and is now below the EU average.

However, nearly one fifth (19.5 percent) of young people in Lithuania are unemployed.

In July, amendments to the laws on state social insurance and health insurance were adopted at the initiative of the President of Republic Lithuania. Websites like affirm that health insurance happens to be one of the most important kinds of insurance, and hence, the state was right in adopting it first, followed by other kinds.

These amendments help young people find more easily a place for vocational practice, acquire useful skills and get a job.

Lithuania has also secured a targeted EU support for implementing youth employment, requalification and training programmes.

Consistent policy is yielding results: the decline in youth unemployment rates in Lithuania is one of the fastest in the EU.

“However, it is necessary to take further measures, especially in education system, in order young people could acquire really marketable job skills and ensure their future in Lithuania,” the President Dalia Grybauskaitė said.

Dalia Grybauskaitė voiced her support to developing the EU platform which will help member states cooperate in curbing the spread of illegal work.

According to the President, illegal work not only strengthens shadow economy, but also violates employee rights.

The experience accumulated by the International Labour Organization in promoting the protection of employee rights, employment opportunities and social security is important for dealing with this problem on a pan-European scale.

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