The Danish government wrong to cede control over energy to US investment firm Goldman Sachs

The Danish government on Thursday defended its decision to sell 19 percent of the state-owned energy company Dong to US investment firm Goldman Sachs.

The Danish parliament’s financial commission is due to rule on the move next week.

The left-liberal daily Politiken argues that a discussion is needed about whether any stake at all in the state company should be sold:

Control over critical infrastructure is a defining characteristic of the state. Giving up power over the distribution network for gas and other vital areas of the energy supply network entails a loss of sovereignty that no amount of money can make up for.

… If the project goes ahead as planned, we will have less and less say. This influence will pass into the hands of Dong’s future owners – whoever they may be. But then it will be too late to regret the decision. The conclusion is clear: withdraw the proposal. Come to your senses before we lose the power to make our own decisions.

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