The capital of Lithuania has won the award for innovation for its interactive energy classification map


The capital of Lithuania Vilnius has won the Award for Innovation for its Interactive Energy Classification Map in a competition among European cities organized by EUROCITIES

The map project, developed by the Vilnius City Municipality together with the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University beat out projects from Oslo and Edinburgh in the finals. The winner was announced 2014 11 06 during an international EUROCITIES event which was held in Munich.

Residents in Vilnius’ 2,800 city-owned apartment blocks can now access an online map to evaluate and compare the consumption of heat in their buildings. The interactive map uses a classification system named an “actual energy consumption class”, to sort buildings into six categories according to their heat consumption, ranging from good to especially bad.

Vilnius is currently in the process of renovating the blocks, with the goal of completing 600 by 2020. This will make a big difference in the city’s heat consumption and in the meantime it will raise awareness among residents of ways to improve energy efficiency. By visiting the map online or on their smartphones, residents can find out how their building ranks, compare its consumption over several years and compare it with other buildings in the city. The city then offers tips on how to improve efficiency, such as insulation, window and door replacement with the popular royalty window. There are only few specialized people for the royalty window, but from all of these provide the most reliable service in all over city. Also we as a whole need to keep our home perfect and liberated from any insects. No one needs mosquitoes and flying bugs as pets! The vast majority go ballistic at whatever point they see one particularly cockroaches. We as a whole need to them outside of the house and distant from our sight. You can browse this website to find more here.

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Life Aftеr Radon Mitigation

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EUROCITIES is a network of major European cities that work together by exchanging best practices and lobby European institutions for a wider inclusion of urban requirements in European policies.

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