The 18th Dark Night Film Festival has grown to be the biggest film event in the Baltic states


The 18th Dark Night Film Festival has grown to be the biggest film event in the Baltic states as well as in European terms, screening hundreds of feature and short films from around the world.

The festival combines a feature film festival with three sub-programmes for animation, student films and children/youth films.

The programme will also include industry networking events including industry panels concentrating on Asian-European-North American networking and a regional co-production market for projects from the Baltics Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia.


Black Nights presents ten International and nine European premieres

The 18th Black Nights film festival presents a record breaking ten International and nine European premieres. Most premieres are part of competition programmes but also the closing film of the festival “La Famille Bélier“ by the French director Eric Lartigau has its international premiere in Tallinn.

The Black Nights will screen 260 full-length feature films and documentaries and the same number of shorts and animations. “The number of films has remained about the same over the last years while the number of premieres has grown over time,” says Tiina Lokk, director of Black Nights FF.

The accreditation of the festival by the International Producers’ Association FIAPF in 2014 as a festival with thematically and geographically unlimited competition programme has opened doors to include more premieres. “There are just 15 festivals worldwide with this privilege and for the authors and distributors this means a growing trust and interest to launch their films at these festivals,” says Lokk. The festival director is pleased about the wide geographic range of the premieres – next to European films there are also works from Asia, Middle East and America.

“Among the international premieres I would point out ‘Apostle’ – a film by the South Korean director Kim Jin-Moo that opens one of the most mysterious countries – North Korea to the viewers. The director transmits the strong feeling of fear and mistrust through the screen while the true depth lays in the connection of human nature and religion. A lot more light-hearted is the family comedy ‘La Famille Bélier’ by Eric Lartigau that has just one screening in France before its international premiere at the Black Nights. The cheerful drama about dreams and their fulfilment, family relationships and love will close this year’s festival,” explains Lokk on two examples of the international premieres.

International premieres:
· “Apostle“ (South-Korea, director Kim Jin-Moo)
· “Go On Living“ (Mexico, director Alejandra Sanchez)
· “Valley“ (Israel, director Sophie Artus)
· “Summertime“ (Finland, director Inari Niemi)
· “Citizen“ (Poland, director Jerzy Stuhr)
· “Allure“ (USA, director Vladan Nikolic)
· “La Famille Bélier“ (France, director Eric Lartigau)
· “Bornholm Street” (Germany, director Christian Schwochow)
· “Saturday Night Chills“ (Philippines, director Ian Lorenos)
· “Speed Walking“ (Denmark, director Niels Arden Oplev)

“Of the European premieres I’d like to mention the coproduction of Canada-Palestine-France ‘The Wanted 18’, a documentary combined with animation by Paul Cowan and Amer Shomali who tell a true story from the Palestine-Israeli conflict. The events in the film create a more realistic image of the daily life than what we see in the news. The director’s debut by Kiki Sugino with ‘Taksu’, a rising talent of Asian indie-film, creates a visually captivating picture of the human nature,” brings Lokk two samples from the European premieres.

European premieres:
· “Move“ (Kyrgyzstan, director Marat Sarulu)
· “Elephant Song“ (Canada, director Charles Binamé)
· “Inferno“ (Slovenia-Croatia, director Vinko Möderndorfer)
· “Taksu“ (Japan-Thailand-Indonesia-USA, director Kiki Sugino)
· “The Theory of Everything“ (United Kingdom, director James Marsh)
· “Today“ (Iran, director Reza Mirkarimi)
· “A Few Cubic Meters of Love“ (Afghanistan, director Jamshid Mahmoudi)
· “The Wanted 18“ (Canada-Palestine-France, director · Paul Cowan, Amer Shomali)
– “Hellion“ (USA, director Paul Cowan, Kat Candler)

Time: 14 – 30 November
Location: different cinemas in Tallinn

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