Tennis: Berankis impoved his ATP ranking

The first Lithuanian tennis player Ričardas Berankis improved his ATP world ranking. The 23-year-old Lithuanian jumped seven places and took the 150th place in the world.

Bernakis, who is out of top 100 in the world for long period is fighting for getting back to this position. During the last week, he improved his rank by seven places. So far, the Lithuanian played in 25 tournaments and has 379 points in his points account.

The second best Lithuanian, the 22-year-old Laurynas Grygelis, managed to stay in the same position which is the 232rd in the world. Grigelis played 26 tournaments and has 205 points.

The second Lithuanian who managed to improve his rank is the third best Lithuanian Lukas Mugevičius. The 19-year-old Lithuanian improved his position by one place and he is taking now the 974th place in the ATP world rankings. He has 12 points in his account and e played so far in six tournaments.

Julius Tverijonas and Benas Majauskas lost positions. Tverionas, who is 19-year-old, lost one place and took the 1237th place in the world. He has five ranking points and he has played during the 2014 season in six tournaments. Majauskas, who is playing in Collage league in USA, lost also one place and he took this Monday the 1557th place in the world. The 21-year-old Lithuanian tennis player has only two ATP points. Due to his studies, Majauskas can not play many ATP tournaments and therefore he played so far only three tournaments.








Aleksejus Podpruginas
Aleksejus Podpruginas is The Baltic Review author based in Israel

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