Sweden’s pupils simply too lazy


The OECD presented a partial Pisa report in Sweden which focuses on the expectations of teachers and the pupils’ willingness to learn and participate

It’s no wonder Sweden performed so poorly in the last international Pisa study, the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter complains:

In high-performing countries the pupils attach great importance to their own efforts. In Sweden, by contrast, they point to the textbooks, the teachers and the importance of talent.

… What really counts is the teachers’ expectations of their pupils. Those who have teachers who expect a lot of everyone have more confidence in their own abilities, learn more easily and achieve better results.

… It’s an illusion to think that lack of knowledge can be replaced with Internet searches. And it’s dangerous self-deception to believe that Sweden is doing fine thanks to its creative social climate. Creativity doesn’t come from nothing. It requires knowledge – and hard work.

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