Sochi Winter Olympic Games: Day six summary

During the sixth day in Sochi Winter Olympic Games in Russia, Lithuania did not take part. Estonia and Latvia were in the games and Latvia’s luge team brought proud to the nation with the first medal in those Olympic Games.


What an amazing day it was for team Latvia in Sochi 2014. Andris Šics and Juris Šics, two Latvian brothers, produced a great show in the luge doubles run race. In the first run the Latvian brothers finished only at the fifth place with time of 49.880 seconds. During the second run their time was even worth when they finished with 49.910 seconds. Surprisingly, at the end, their overall time was one minute and 39,790 seconds. This result, was enough for the bronze and first Latvian medal in Sochi 2014.

The gold in the race went to the Germans Tobias Wendel and Tobias Arlt whose time was 1:38.933. The second position in the podium took another two brothers, the Austrian Andreas and Wolfgang Linger whose time was 1:39.455.

Ice Hockey

Latvia’s Vitalis Pavlovs versus the Swiss Reto Suri during the math | www.sochi2014.com Photo

Latvia that is playing in Group C in the Olympics, faced for the first game against Switzerland. The battle was tough during the all three periods. Until the 60th minute the scoreboard in Shayba Arena showed 0-0. Then, Simon Moser, who is playing for “Milwaukee Admirals” in American Hockey League scored the first for Switzerland and claimed the final score.

The leader of Group C is Sweden who won Czech Republic with 2-0. The second place after one match took Switzerland with 1-00 victory over Latvia while the last one took the third place. Czech Republic is closing Group C at the fourth place.

The next game for Latvia will be held on February 14th against Czech Republic.

Speed Skating

The winners of the 1000 meters short track skating Latvia's Vitalis Pavlovs versus the Swiss Reto Suri during the math  | sochi2014.com Photo

The winners of the 1000 meters short track skating Latvia’s Vitalis Pavlovs versus the Swiss Reto Suri during the math | sochi2014.com Photo


Latvia’s Haralds Silovs competed at the 1000 meters speed skating and took the 24th place when he crossed the finish after one minute and 10.29 seconds. Netherlands celebrated two medals in this event; Stephan Groothuis took the gold with 1:08.39 while Michel Mulder won the bronze when he finished with time of 1:08.74. The silver medalist in this event is the Canadian Denny Morrison who finished the race after one minute and 08.43 seconds.





Nordic Combined

Estonia is the single Baltic state who sent athletes to this  which includes ski jumps and 10 kilometers cross country.  At men’s normal hill / 10 km event Krisrjan Ilves finished the competition at the 41st place out of 46. Han Hendrick Piho took the 43rd and Karl August Tiirmaa took the 44th rank in the race.

The winner of the event was the German Eric Frenzel, the silver medalist is the Japanese Akito Watabe, and the third place in the podium took the Norwegian Magnus Krug.


Aleksejus Podpruginas
Aleksejus Podpruginas is The Baltic Review author based in Israel

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