Sochi 2014: Day five summary

During the fifth day in the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Baltic athletes competed in various tournaments. Still, all three Baltic states without medals.

Cross Country

Lithuania’s Vytautas Storila competed in 15 km men’s sprint cross country and finished at the 70th place out of 87 with 3:55.48 hours and failed to advance to the quarterfinals. Another Lithuanian who failed to reach the quarterfinals is Ingrida Ardišauskaitė who competed in 10 km women’s sprint event. She finished the race at the 62nd place out of 67 after 2:55,24 hours in the race.

Estonia sent four athletes to this event. All of them failed to advance to the next round. In the men’s race, Peeter Kümel finished at the 52nd position with time of 3:44.02. One place before him, Raido Ränkel finished the race after 3:45.82 hours on the track. Siim Sellis tok the 59th place after crossing the finish with time of 3:48.06. At the women’s category, Triin Ojaste presented Estonia. She finished the race without the ticket to the next round after 2:47.08 hours with 48th position.

Team Latvia had three participants who also finished the event at the first stages and did not advance to the quarterfinals. In the men’s, Arvis Liepniš took the 61st place after he managed to cross the line with 3:49,28 on the clock. Janis Paipals also failed in his race finishing 71st with 3:56,21 hours. In the women’s 10 km race Inga Dauškane took the 59th place and crossed the finish after 2:53,90 hours.


Biathletes from Lithuania and estonia took part in women’s pursuit race. Lithuania’s Diana Rasimavičiutė finished at the 43rd place out of 60 with time of 34:07.1 minutes. The Estonian Johana Talihärm took the 55th position when she finished the race after 37 minutes and 52,5 seconds.

the three winners

The winners: Darya Domarcheva, Tora berger and Teja Gregorin | www.sochi2014.com Photo


The gold medal winner is the Belorussian Darya Domarcheva who finished the race with great time of 29:30.7 minutes. Silver medalist is the Norwegian Tora Berger with 30:08.3 minutes and the bronze went to Slovakia after that Teja Gregorin crossed the finish with 30:12.7 minutes.







Natalie Geisenberger sliding for the gold | www.sochi2014.com Photo

At the women’s single luge event, Latvia’s Eliza Tiruma finished the four runs at the 12th overall place with total time of 3:23.071 minutes. Ulla Zime finished with overall time of 3:24.685 and took the 18th position. The winner of the event was the German Natalie Geisenberger with amazing time of 3:19.768 minutes. The silver medal and the second place also belonged to Germany after that Tatjana Hüfner got total time of 3:20.907 minutes. The third place in the podium took the American Erin Hamlin who finished with total time of 3 minutes and 21.145 seconds.


Aleksejus Podpruginas
Aleksejus Podpruginas is The Baltic Review author based in Israel

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