Sky News get the name of Estonia’s President wrong


Sky News get the name of Estonia’s President wrong – He’s Butthurt, walk off before the interview even start

There was not much said when Sky News on Sunday would interview the President of Estonia Toomas Ilves on the state of relations with neighboring Russia. It was said was wrong – the British news channel studio reporter Dermot Murnaghan called Ilves wrong for Hendrik.

The president, who was online from German Munich via the link, tried to get through with a correction of its name, which is not perceived by Murnaghan. Ilves could be heard saying something about the interviewer “do not get my name right,” whereupon he obviously irritated took off both glasses, headphones and microphone and turned away from the camera.

Dermot Murnaghan did not seem to realize his mistake during the silent seconds that followed. After pending, he simply transferred to advertise on a weather report.

British newspaper The independet writes that the interview with Toomas Ilves – who has Hendrik as a middle name – was resumed later that day.

According to reports Toomas Ilves was born in Stockholm and raised in the US, having previously worked as a journalist for Radio Free Europe‘s editorial in Munich during the years 1984-1993.


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