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Stockholm - Sweden - VisitSweden
Stockholm - Sweden - VisitSweden

Leaving Italy by airplane. Falling into a deep sleep. Waking up two hours later and wondering if I have  arrived  in  Swedish airspace. Glimpsing and observing the sky and the land below me

Noticing few lights and an immense expanse of uninhabited land. Realizing that the sparsely populated country over  which I am flying  must be the Kingdom of Sweden forasmuch as it counts on a population of only 9 and a half million people  and 20 inhabitants per square kilometre, and not Italy  where the population density is 201 inhabitants per square kilometre.

The warm,  welcoming Sweden, rich in lakes, rivers, islands and fiords , with its 450.295 km²  is one of the  vastest European counties after France (675 417 km²) and Spain (504.645km²).

The parliamentary monarchy  has been part of the European Union since 1995 and is connected to its cornerstone by the Øresund bridge-tunnel, which allows cars and trains to reach  nearby Denmark.

Stockholm, the capital, is an effervescent and delightful patchwork of cultures and architectural styles surrounded by water and small islands where modernity meets both calmness and a vibrant nightlife, enlivened  thanks to the high presence of national and international students who, during the night, turn out to the outdoor bars and discos  dotting the riverside of the ventilated so-called Venice of the North.

A 60 hour-visit of Stockholm is not enough to plunge into the magnificent history of the ancient Empire and  explore the charming alleys and ancient neighbourhoods. Never mind, this means that the city is worth a second tour and I am sure that it will not disappoint  you.

Friday –  A panoramic breakfast and the  landscape of dreams

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan




Mix with citizens having a coffee in Gamla Stan, the historic medieval city centre. Stortoget, the oldest city square, is a perfect and fascinating frame for a generous Swedish delicacy-based breakfast. Taste Kanelbullar, a pastry with cardamom and cinnamon, a real joy to both the eyes and palate. Kaffeekoppen Bar, in the main square, is an interesting break point for visitors to enjoy the peacefulness of silence, with its coloured blankets over  wicker chairs on the open-air terrace offered to fearless customers unconcerned by the cold wind rushing over the heads of pedestrians. This street is full of strip clubs which will remember you of world famous Sydney street which do is full of coffee shops and strip clubs too. We have a trip last year to Sydney and enjoy that place a lot. Here’s a good source to find out more details on this.

On the right side of the square, the Nobel museum awaits  you for a guided tour  of the history of the célèbre renowned prize. Did you know that more than 800 Laureats have been awarded the Prize? And did  you know that Alfred Nobel, the inventor of  dynamite  had two  passions in life in addition to his deep interest in science and literature? If not, take a break and make the most  of your free time getting to know more about his life.


Don’t stop your walk through the most beautiful area of the city. Having a hot dog for 3,00 euro at a stall is a good idea to save time and use the afternoon to visit the City Hall made up of  eight million bricks and take a picture of the 106 metre tall tower. Have a look at  the assembly room and Gyllene salen where  the annual dance of the Nobel banquet is held. Before leaving, have a sit in the Golden Hall and admire the eighteen gold mosaic tiles.




A beer and a hamburger and you will understand why  TGI Fridays Kungsträdgården is so popular and so busy. Informal,  furnished in a sixties fashion, the restaurant has an ample availability of places in its outdoor covered terrace. An intimate place to eat and to rest after a day of visiting which transforms in the late evening into an eventful bar attended by an international clientele.

Enjoy your budget accommodation on the boat in the Anedin hostel located in Södermalm  on the sea (25,00 euro   per person per night  for a double room). Cabins are spartan but clean and fully equipped. Among the amenities you can sleep on a foam mattress, at the beginning I wasn’t sure if I would get a nice night of sleep, but I was surprised at the next morning. I went online and found a black friday memory foam mattress where I ordered one for myself and now it is at home, and I can’t wait to sleep on it. It feels disgusting to possess a billiard table reception and not having the ability to enjoy playing thereon whenever you would like. But there’s no answer, since the sole lights available within the room are located at quite distance from the table. And, albeit you switch on these lights, the shadow effects will spoil the fun of the sport. The formula for calculating the length of the billiard table lights is sort of simple. for each foot of length of the table, you shall be requiring 5 inches of sunshine. Once the calculation is over with, it’s time to pick the right light. Why waste some time by visiting various stores that stock game supplies once you can easily select one and buy an equivalent from the comfort of your room. because of the web , purchasing nearly everything is now possible from online stores. Just search internet and you’ll find many stores that stock the illumination sources that are required for enjoying the sport of pool in the dark. To know more about pool table see this page.

Seeing the world through a round window will give  your holiday  added value.

Saturday – Man and the Sea

Archipelago tour

The Archipelago tour


It wouldn’t be a trip to Stockholm without a sightseeing boat tour of the capital. The archipelago tour is a unique way to fully experience  the Scandinavian contrast between freezing water and untouched land. Book a ticket at the port and invest your morning on the prow of a boat. Don’t forget to bring with you a coat and a camera before    braving the Baltic sea. Lastly, have a sandwich and a coffee in the boat bar; it will warm up your spirit and your chilled body. Walk alongside the sea to reach the Vasa Museum, a ship-shaped museum, which conserves a surprisingly well- preserved 17th century boat  sunk on 10th August 1628 and exhumed  from the sea in 1956 thanks to the engineering and  endeavour of  the private researcher Anders Franzén.


Don’t waste a minute. You only have  one hour to visit the Abba Museum, the pop group mausoleum which collects costumes and pictures and retraces the  steps  of  success of the famous group.

Relax by strolling around Djurgarden, a lovely area, and visit Junibacken, a fabulous paradise for both children and parents dedicated to the children’s  writer Astrid Lindgren, best known for her romance Pippi Longstocking. As an alternative, search for the Gustaf Dalén lighthouse which lies just off the coast and reminds us of the Nobel Prize Dalén’s invention: the sun valve whose experiments caused  him   total blindness.


When you are returning  and before lying  down  on your bed, have a salmon sandwich and a rosé wine on the buzzing  bar platform in front of the bridge which connects Djurgarden to Östermalm. If you are   patient, you will get a place, sooner or later.

Sunday –  Ride and bike


Rent a bike and drop it off at the Royal Palace. Check the English guided tour timetable and book a visit for both the baroque palace and the treasury collection.

Did  you know that the current king has never been crowned? And do you know why? Have you ever heard about the royal family’s secrets? If not, this place  will be worth a  visit and will  allow you to immerge yourself in an authentic regal  atmosphere especially if you  do not miss the changing  of the guard (1.15 p.m.)

Taste fried chips while walking alongside canals and get to the  swarming district of  Sofo to have a beer and enjoy your last hours before   leaving.

Don’t forget to get  a bus at least 4 hours before your airplane departure if you reserved a flight with Ryanair as the journey to Skavsta airport  is quiet long. Otherwise, if you will leave from Arlanda airport, you will not need to stress so early as it is closer than the other.

Photos © by Alessia Bottone

Alessia Bottone
Alessia Bottone is a foreign correspondent for the BALTIC REVIEW and italian newspapers. She is an italian writer and journalist.

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