Reshaped oligarchic formations are dividing and splitting Lithuania — Statement by President of the Republic of Lithuania


Dear Fellow People of Lithuania,

Five years ago, the sound of shattered window glass in the Seimas building sent a message of personal commitment to me.

I decided that I want and that I can help Lithuania overcome the downturn and stabilize the situation in the country.

I carried out my duty and pursued the goals that were set without giving in to any influences.

I am sincerely grateful to everyone who supported and joined the path of transparency and justice that we followed throughout the times of difficulty to Lithuania.

Over these years, the Lithuanian economy has recovered and its financial system has grown stronger. We earned the respect of the international community and we gained the military security guarantees we needed.

We also began to have more trust in ourselves. After many challenges, success is again with us.

We now have all opportunities to take wider and quicker steps towards economic well-being.

We have secured huge European support, we are building modern and competitive businesses, we are disentangling ourselves from the web of corruption, and we are rapidly walking on the path to energy independence.

As Lithuania recovers, however, the destructive and embezzling forces have also become more active – both outside and inside our state.

They sow destruction and mistrust of Lithuania, hindering projects of key importance to the development of the state and infringing on democratic and constitutional values.

Reshaped oligarchic formations are dividing and splitting Lithuania, making our hope for a better life for all more distant.

Economic recovery must reach every home, every individual – and not flow into the pockets of the oligarchs.

Therefore, I want and I must help Lithuania become a country of opportunity for honest people.

So that Lithuania does not disperse, and our freedom and well-being is not stolen or traded.

My duty to Lithuania and its people is more important than personal tranquility.

Without any hesitation I therefore choose to work for you and I will run again as an independent candidate in the presidential election of Lithuania.

I call on all honest people of Lithuania, its civic communities, non-governmental organizations, the strongest minds of society and the state, responsible business people, and transparent political forces to unite for common work.

Today we must stand together and build the state ourselves to make Lithuania a home where it is good to grow up and where we are not afraid to grow old.

Success will always be with us if we continue resolutely on the path of an independent, transparent, globally respected and democratic state of Lithuania that is just and fair to all its people.
All of us together, Lithuania, we can do more.

Thank you.

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