EU funded projects: Broadband networks – RAIN project, Lithuania


EU funded projects helping to create the digital single market

Broadband is being rolled out across Lithuania to bring fast and switched-on Internet access to 98 % of rural areas.

The RAIN project had the objective of improving access to broadband in rural areas and achieve 98 % broadband coverage in Lithuania by 2014.

Some 4 400 km of broadband cables have been laid, with network infrastructure and 775 sub-district and municipal connection points installed.

As a result, 660000 citizens (20.6% of the country’s population), 2 000 businesses and 9 000 public institutions can now benefit from broadband.

The creation of backhaul networks (i.e. middle-mile) in not-served areas has reduced the entry barriers (by lowering investment costs) for commercial operators there by encouraging them to extend their broadband network coverage in last mile in rural areas.

The RAIN project is also providing connectivity to many public institutions (e.g. 524 public libraries), contributing to increased digital literacy among sectors of the population at risk of exclusion.






Source: Panorama Magazine, Print edition Nr. 53
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