Poland: ‘Island of the blessed’ really does exist


As of 1 January 2015 the minimum wage in Poland has been 1.750 zloty (around 400 euros)

It has been gradually increased over several years and has risen by 31 percent since 2008 according to figures put out by the EU statistical office Eurostat in February.

The conservative daily Rzeczpospolita reports that in the same period the purchasing power of salaries has increased by 55 percent.

These figures are a sign that Poland has come through the financial crisis better than other countries, former EU Commissioner Janusz Lawandowski writes in a guest commentary for the same paper:

“These figures are the best response to the populist politicians in Poland who question our country’s economic success, or who say that average Poles haven’t benefited from it. It has become evident that the ‘Island of the blessed’ really does exist. … This is a success for us all. But we must continue to be careful. We must make sure we maintain our economic competitiveness so as to avoid the mistakes made by the countries of Southern Europe.”

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