Official burial for Ramzis, Lithuanian police dog killed in action

Lithuanian police dog Ramzis killed in action
Lithuanian police dog Ramzis killed in action

A police dog has been given a solemn official burial ceremony in Lithuania, complete with state border guards firing a volley salute.

An urn with the ashes of Belgian shepherd Ramzis was carried before officers and dogs from the State Border Guard Service’s canine squad in the western town of Pagegiai.

The three-year-old was killed in action on September 27, tracking smugglers near Russia’s Kaliningrad regional border.

The shooting has angered Lithuanians and a campaign has been launched to raise money to erect a statue to commemorate the dog.


Video:Lithuanian police dog killed in action gets official burial

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Video: In memory of Ramses, Lithuanian police dog

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Lithuanian police dog Ramzis killed in action

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