No pro-Putin pop festival in Latvia


The New Wave pop festival, which turns the resort town of Jūrmala into a mecca for the Russian music industry each year, is set to take place once again in July.

The national-conservative daily Latvijas Avīze hopes the event won’t take place this year:

It’s high time a decision was taken on the festival’s fate. Alternatively, we could simply wait for a scandal to break out that would make it implode of its own accord. The Latvian Foreign Ministry can still deny visas for those Russian pop stars who are the biggest supporters of Putin’s chauvinist policies. If the festival does take place, Latvia will certainly give a poor image of itself. Because as usual the Russian president will send his best wishes to the participants. After that, there’s always a huge surge of applause and everyone stands up.

… If the festival organised by Putin fans is cancelled this summer, at least we can hope that only tourists and people in Russian cultural milieus who have nothing to do with Putin’s policy of violence will come to Jūrmala in the years to come.

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