New characters of Lithuanian horror story – evil uncles… Norwegians


Norway’s child protection a Lithuanian horror story

The Lithuanian public is up in arms about the Norwegian child protection agency Barnevernet, which has taken a number of children from Lithuanian families living in Norway into protective custody

The stories told by the Lithuanian emigrants would make excellent new horror stories, scoffs the liberal daily Lietuvos rytas:

“The large number of characters in Lithuanian folklore used by parents to frighten their disobedient children has grown. The witches, ghostly apparitions and evil uncles who creep in at night to steal children have now been joined by Norwegians. These blood-curdling stories about the secret, all powerful and ruthless child protection agency Barnevernet have been doing the rounds in Lithuania for a while now.

… A good number of the stories told by Lithuanians end in a nightmare scenario – children who are taken away from their families and given to gay and lesbian couples in Norway.”


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