Neoliberalism has turned Poles into egoists


The mothers of disabled children who demonstrated for higher social welfare benefits in front of the Sejm were branded “hysterical women” who want to live at others’ expense by viewers of a call-in TV programme on the weekend.

This sort of egoism is a result of the neoliberal transition, the conservative tabloid Super Express comments:

If Margaret Thatcher were alive today she’d be proud of the Poles. Her vision of a world in which there is no responsible society but only individual men, individual women and individual families has become the reality in our country. 25 years after the fall of communism, neoliberalism has won out in Poland. The result is that everyone is only responsible for him- or herself. Social responsibility is simply viewed as an obstacle to personal enrichment.

… And the worst thing is that this situation isn’t considered a problem on the part of this or that isolated egoist, but as the heritage of the transformation of Poland in 1989.

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