Mayor of Vilnius making on average 9,032 steps per day


On May 20th the Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius and the Swedish Ambassador to Lithuania Cecilia Ruthström-Ruin participated in the ceremony of the “Step challenge” awards hosted by the Embassy of Sweden to Lithuania

The challenge to make as many steps as possible as thus preserve the environment and improve one’s health was taken by employees of the Embassies of the Nordic and Baltic States, the Vilnius Municipality and the President’s Office.

‘Step challenge programme is a fun programme. It has significantly grown in popularity during this month. We started with the Nordic-Baltic challenge, later were joined by the employees of the American Embassy and of the Lithuanian President’s.

The Mayor of the capital invited residents to Vilnius to be part of the challenge, as limited movement condemns them to serious health problems.

“This challenge is a race with oneself in the first place”, says the Swedish Ambassador.

At the event prizes were awarded to those who have made most steps during the day.

The winner of the challenge was the team of the Canadian Embassy having made on average 11,176 steps per day. The second place was won by the American Embassy with 10,249 steps per day, followed by the Embassy of Finland whose employees covered 9,473 steps per day.

The Mayor of Vilnius joined the competition on May 10-14. The Mayor total made 36,128 steps making on average 9,032 steps per day.

“I would like to see residents of Vilnius to be more active in joining this fun initiative. May be not all places in Vilnius are well adapted for riding bicycles, but they are sure good enough for walking. Walking refreshes me, I feel especially good every morning taking stairs to my office on the 19th floor, therefore I invite all to walk as much as they can”, says the Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius.

According to the Swedish Ambassador in the Scandinavian countries it is quite usual that public institutions challenge each other with walking competitions. That is also a wonderful team-building tool. The steps made per day can be easily counted by using special mobile applications. People are invited, before taking a car, to think again and opt for a more environmentally friendly and healthier way to reach their destinations.

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