Mariano Rajoy: Spain won’t rule out ‘drastic solutions’ on Catalonia


Rajoy would be better inspired promoting constructive dialogue rather than taking a warrior’s stance. Even if the referendum is illegal according to the Spanish Constitution, confrontation is not the solution.

Posted on 10/8/17 | 12:05 PM CEST


Yes vishnou but he is a facist so he doesn’t know any better and he is probably still butt hurt over the UK and Gibraltar’s response to Spain’s renewed calls from the return of Sovereignty at the UN. Look it up it’s quite amusing.

Posted on 10/8/17 | 12:16 PM CEST


@Peter: You may be right, indeed. I hadn’t realised there might be a link between Gibraltar and Catalonia, sorry. What I know for sure is that Rajoy’s attitude is totally counter-productive and dangerous for Spain as a whole. There are other means to restaure stability.

Posted on 10/8/17 | 12:30 PM CEST


wait hold on, hold on , so independence will not happen just because he doesn’t want , what kind of democrats are these??. it seems that he are delighted with all the situation. He deployed spanish police forces in boats staying in Barcelona’s ports .. .. . Hail Rajoy!!! the useless incapable of talk

Posted on 10/8/17 | 1:17 PM CEST


Blatant example of EU double standards in truly Orwellian ‘Animal farm’ spirit: “all animals are equal but some are more equal”.

Just imagine a mayhem that EU Commissars would start if government of Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland or Romania took similar stance and tried to brutally crash opposition like Spanish government !
EU parliament debates, threats of sanctions, triggering article 7 of EU treaty and depriving of voice in the EU would follow immediately. Timmermans, Juncker, Macron would go mad on mainstream media every day on that.

But nothing like that happens in case of:
– Spain – trying to brutally crash democratic movement in Catalonia
– Germany – where Bundestag Scientific Office has just determined that Merkel’s decision to open borders to immigrants from all over the world had no legal grounds, where dieselgate and collusion among car producers has been tolerated for decades,
– France – with constantly extended state of emergency depriving citizens of their basic rights which UN human rights experts condemned recently or breaching 3% budget deficit rule against EU treaties for years.

Posted on 10/8/17 | 1:47 PM CEST


If I worked as a public relations consultant for the European Union, I’d be very upset with this news.

On the other hand, the Russians would frame this news and send copies to Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria…

Posted on 10/8/17 | 2:26 PM CEST

freddie silver

@ Vishnou,
You need to understand specific mentalities facing each other. What we have here is a confrontation between two opposing positions but Spaniards are not Scandinavians or New Zealanders and one cannot judge them applying the same reasoning. In Spain it is “I will rather die than yield” or “cut your nose to spite your face”
That is why a very talented bunch of diplomats following a cool off period is required.

Posted on 10/8/17 | 2:40 PM CEST


@Freddie Silver: thank you for enlightening me. I have worked with Spaniards and Brits: quite different mentalities, indeed. An even greater difference exists between Spaniards and Portuguese: latin vs celtic. But this doesn’t mean proper common sense should be excluded.

Posted on 10/8/17 | 3:27 PM CEST



What’s really sad is that you have that saved on your computer somewhere, so you can copy it into every ‘referendum’ article. Regardless of whether or not it’s all boll0cks…

Posted on 10/8/17 | 3:29 PM CEST

Source: Politico

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