Mallorca, an Undiscovered Paradise

Mallorca, an Undiscovered Paradise

Are you planning to visit Mallorca?


Great idea, but be sure to take some trekking shoes and a credit card to rent a means of transport.

Even if you are craving quiet holidays, which means a generous breakfast in front of the sea and a glass of wine served with the lullaby of the waves, it would be a good idea to be equipped in case of a change of mind.

At first sight Mallorca could seem a small island, a modest sized paradise visitable in no more than one week.
As often happens, the first impression is the wrong one.


Firstly, because the island boasts dozens of bays, each one more beautiful than the last. Secondly because cardinal points are connected by copious secondary roads and hairpin turns which make travelling difficult.

Thirdly, Mallorca offers an intense nightlife, which is not always compatible with early rising.

However, let’s start from the beginning.



How to Get Where You Have to Get

Getting to Mallorca is very easy. Cheap air companies cover the route from the most important European cities to this famous destination. The airport is located in the south part of the island, a strategic position for those who have reserved a room in Palma, or in the proximity of the nearby coastline.

For the traveler who has decided to get away from usual destinations, the best solution is to rent a car to get to the hotel/camping/hunting etc and to embrace the charm of adventure. If you choose hunting don’t forget to look for ar-15 rifles online, you have to be prepared!

The Wild North

Once you get to Mallorca you can’t miss out on a visit to this part of the island. It takes almost two hours to drive from the east coast to the north coast of this enchanting corner of paradise by passing alongside fully equipped holiday resorts and deserted beaches. The closer you get to Alcudia, the more you can observe how different the landscape is if compared to the rest of the island. Here, bays are refreshed by strong winds that allow beachgoers to do a wide range of sports such as kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing and also Feed That Game before they are hunted.

Despite hundreds of sunseekers taking refuge from stress and daily routine close to the golden beaches of Badia Pollenca every year, this place still looks authentic and less touristic than others.



The secret? Palma airport is located 80 km to the south, so only proactive vacationers with a hire car can get to the destination. Young people and adolescents are not enumerated in this calculation as they understandably prefer to participate in other kinds of relaxation which is not bad news especially as sometimes Mallorca can be very noisy and sleeping could seem like a mirage.

Not far from Badia de Pollenca is Cap de Formentor, called the meeting point of the winds, is the northernmost point of Mallorca and has stunning views and steep cliffs emerging from the sea.

The road to this spectacular place, built by the Italian engineer Antonio Parietti in 1960, is not suitable for delicate stomachs as it is made up of 13.5 kms of twists and curves.

The famous lighthouse, dated 1863, is a fascinating point of departure for a scenic walk and enviable pictures. Don’t forget to bring with you fresh water as bars are quiet expensive and the temperature is very high!

If you are looking for a traditional Spanish place to have dinner, take the car and drive to Pollença, a hamlet rich in restaurants, bars and locals who sometimes, especially on holidays, are an extremely rare treasure.

The Authentic East

From Cala Mesquida to Cala Ferrera, the east coast, less famous than the south one, represents a real surprise in terms of color, beauty and contrast.

Cala Mesquida is a unique beauty rich in rideable waves and where surfers and swimmers are chased by worried lifeguards who try to gather as many people as they can in the same zone as the sea could become a formidable enemy in a very short time. Bars kitted out with canopies and baskets of fruits attract tourists wishful of luxury and wellbeing.

Cala Aguilla is a real paradise. Rose-tinted sand, crystalline water with dashes of blue and green, and an unforgettable sunset framing this remote corner of nature. This place is an enchanting combination with a backdrop of hills and mountains, covered by woods with shallow blue waters to attract families. However, at night, it transforms into a partygoer’s paradise. The chiringuito is the cherry on the top of this amazing natural forest. It provides music, great dishes and a timeless atmosphere in addition to a warm welcome. Calamares, tapas, jamon serrano, tortilla and continental breakfast are its specialities just like its interesting selection of local wines.

Es Trenc is the most famous beach in Mallorca. Also, it is the last large beach in Mallorca which is still unspoilt and well preserved.

Es Trenc is the most famous beach in Mallorca. Also, it is the last large beach in Mallorca which is still unspoilt and well preserved.

Nightlife & More

Nightlife is one of Mallorca’s peculiarities. Wherever you go, you can find a way to celebrate the evening. Every day, if you wish, you can vary and taste different Spanish ways of ir de fiesta. By the way be aware that very often, bars, nightclubs and local parties are structured on the basis of foreigners and do not conserve a local soul. The risk is getting stuck in an unreal theme park as many holidaymakers do.

We are talking about teenagers and young tourists who get off their planes and rent a room or an apartment in Magaluff, also called Shagaluf, and enjoy their week by walking up and down the famous street called “The Strip”. Want to have a fun night in Mallorca’s  visit us .

This area, located a few kilometers from the main city Palma, is a heap of bars, discos, fast food restaurants and 18-30s coming from the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy who are not looking for cultural discoveries but, instead, amusement.

Sometimes, someone pushes them self too hard and it is not infrequent to ee fights between stoned adolescents and witness robberies. Earlier this summer, the Spanish government solicited the intervention of British police to patrol the area.

But, if you are looking for parties and safety at the same time, you would be better off at Arenal, a locality situated close to Palma known for its long beach and for its paseo overflowing with bars and restaurants. Also Cala Rajada which stands on the romantic harbor and offers discos, drinks and sandwiches until late for a cheap price.

The nightlife is very captivating and, compared to nearby Ibiza, is more than accessible for every kind of budget.

In the end, don’t forget to consecrate at least two hours to enjoy Palma’s sunset. Have a sit on the walls which surround the famous Cathedral, called La Seu, and admire the view and before to have a drink in front of the port. You will never forget this moment, not even your wallet.

“At the end, don’t forget to dedicate at least two hours to enjoying Palma’s sunset. Have a sit on the walls which surround the famous Cathedral, called La Seu, and admire the view before having a drink in front of the port. You will never forget this moment, and neither will your wallet”.

Sunset in Palma

Sunset in Palma

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