Live Dealer Casino

What is Live Dealer Casino?


As technology advances, so do the quality and presentation of online gaming sites. These days spending time at an online casino from the comfort of your own home can feel like you are in a real casino. 

Today we will check out the live dealer casino, as a great user experience is vital for customer satisfaction. If you look at this website, you will find a full range of live online casino games with gorgeous dealers waiting to welcome you to the table.

A liver dealer casino is a room or a set of rooms where a real live human being runs games offering traditional and modern casino games. All liver dealer games are run in real-time, and depending on the game you’ve chosen, chips or cards or whatever is used to play your game will be dealt out, with only you able to see what they are. 

Why Would I Want to Play Live Dealer Casino Games?

Besides the attractive reason above, there are other reasons that people visit live dealer casinos. 

  • If you need to improve at hiding your hand, an online live dealer game might suit your style. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable playing in a real casino, an online live dealer game or two might be what you need. 
  • If you prefer the buzz of real casino table action but do not feel like going out, then an online live casino game or two will fill that void. 
  • For those players who firmly believe that online casino games can be rigged by the online casino in their favour, even though they go to great lengths to prove how impossible it is to rig their games, a live online casino might be an alternative.

How Live Dealer Casino Games Work

To show how live dealer casino games work, we will look at blackjack, the second most popular casino game after slots. 

Live dealer blackjack features a human dealer and a physical table which you can see via a live stream. Your dealer will deal you physical cards for a six to eight-deck shoe, just like you are in your local casino. However, when it comes to betting, you will use digital chips and click to hit, stand, double down, or split. 

A chat feature at live online casino games allows you to chat with the other players and the dealer in between hands. 

So Which is Better – Digital Blackjack or Live Dealer Blackjack?

  • Live dealer blackjack is the closest thing to entering a real-life casino without having to leave home. You cannot beat live dealer games for being immersive, especially if you have a large TV screen. 
  • As live dealer blackjack is dealt from a six or eight-deck shoe, which is shuffled periodically technically, it is possible to count cards, although this is frowned upon as most casinos ban this type of play. Even so, it is untenable that the odds of playing live dealer blackjack when the shoe has many tens are better than in digital games where the virtual deck is shuffled between every hand.
  • For squeezed budgets, then digital blackjack is the way to go, as you can find games that accept bets as low as $0.10.
  • There are more varieties of digital blackjack as there is live online dealer blackjack which means you are always ready for a new game to try.
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