Baltics children will be able to play cyber football together with the world

cyber football

The international children’s social program “Football for friendship” (F4F) begins the Eighth season of the program, which will be held from November 27 to December 10, 2020 online.

Key events of the Football for Friendship program will be held online this year on the Football for Friendship Digital website. The platform, which will bring together more than 10,000 players of all ages, will become a home for international competitions and a Playground where anyone can train, join international mixed teams and play their favorite game in the “Football for friendship” format without leaving home.

The format involves young participants using an online football simulator, as well as participating in an online educational program. A special digital platform will bring together 224 participants-young players and young coaches from more than 100 countries. The program involves young players, young coaches and young journalists – boys and girls aged 12 to 16, including children with disabilities and special needs. Young players represent different countries and cultures, United in mixed teams.

Young participants of the program will have unique opportunities to find new friends from different countries, improve their football skills, find useful connections and become world-famous, because the 2020 Football for Friendship eWorld Championship (eF4F) and Football for Friendship will be broadcast all over the world. The winning team will also receive a unique prize, which will be announced at the award ceremony.


Requirements for young players and coaches:

• Age requirements for young players: 12 years (date of birth: November 27, 2008 to November 27, 2009)
• Age requirements for young coaches: 16 years (date of birth: from November 27, 2004 to November 27, 2005)
• Availability of participants during program events
• The estimated total duration of the program is from November 27, 2020 to December 10, 2020.
• Estimated daily activity of participants – at least 4 hours
• Knowledge of English: at least average level.
• Passion for football
• Willingness to support, develop and promote the program’s Nine values.
• High-speed Internet access, connection speed not lower than 1024 KB / s.
• Smartphone and / or PC with the ability to install software to participate in the event.

Applications are accepted until October 20 at the following email address: [email protected]

Program information:

The international children’s social program “Football for friendship” has been implemented by Gazprom since 2013. Over the past seven seasons, the program has reached 211 countries and regions, brought together more than 6 thousand participants and gained more than 5 million supporters..

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