Lithuania: Vilnius Russian schools send their students to paramilitary camps in Russia


Vilnius Russian schools searched by law enforcement institutions

Lithuanian police have conducted searches in several Russian-speaking schools in Vilnius that are investigated for sending students to paramilitary camps in Russia.

Police have searched the premises of the two schools, Vilnius Vasily Kachyalov Gymnasium and Vilnius Sofia Kovalevskaya Secondary School.

The State Security Department has refused to make any comments about the searches.

The two schools have caught the attention of law enforcement institutions following media reports about their students taking part in paramilitary camps organized by the Russian government.

Prosecutors have not mentioned about bringing any charges yet.

“I want to say that prosecutor’s office absolutely does not blame the schoolchildren, they are not an object of an investigation and we have no rebukes to them. We talk about criminal activity noted in Article 118 of the penal code about helping other country to act against the Lithuanian Republic.”,

– Ramutis Jancevičius, Chief Prosecutor of Vilnius Regional Prosecutor’s Office

“If your child goes to other country, where an automatic rifle is given to him and history is taught entirely different from the real one, and other things, I think you yourself would get the answer that it doesn’t help our state.”, – said Jancevičius


Source: Lithuanian Radio & Television (LRT)


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