Lithuania: The pulsating cities and unspoiled sandy beaches


You can be sure to find both busy bustling cities as well as pristine beaches in Lithuania

Among its recommended best countries to visit for new experiences in 2015 the British newspaper “Huffington Post” names Lithuania, along with Singapore, Namibia, Nicaragua, and the Philippines, claiming that Lithuania has it all: both busy bustling cities as well as pristine sandy beaches.

Lithuania is finally shaking off the remnants of its Soviet occupation following its accession to the Eurozone in January 2015, making this Baltic gem more accessible to tourists than ever, which is a cause for delight for the country itself as well as for the visitors.

Vilnius is best known for its old town – the largest in Europe, decidedly Gothic, and part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

“Vilnius is a quaint Eastern European city, where we’re sure you’ll love to get lost. If you’re not too keen on a city, you can always head over to Lithuania’s most famous tourist spot and World Heritage Site, the Curonian Spit, a 98km long stretch of beach and sand dunes dipping down into Russia’s Kaliningrad in the South”, says the Huffington Post

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