Lithuania: the heat is leaving untill the weekend


The heat in the first days of August in Lithuania is breaking records. The thermometer has record above 38 Celsius degrees heat. But during the midweek, the heat will gradually recede. According to the synoptic prognoses, during the next week, in many areas in Lithuania heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected. In the next weekend the heat suppose to come back

Today (Monday), it will be sunny and warm day. In Vilnius, during the day it will be 32 degrees Celsius, while in Kaunas the temperature will reach to 33 degrees. In Šiauliai it will be today about 31 degrees. Cloudy evening is possible today.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the heat will be a little bit lower than today. In Vilnius, after a warm night with 22-23 degrees Celsius, it will be about 29 degrees during the day. In Kaunas, the temperatures will climb tomorrow up to 30 degrees. The temperature in Šiauliai will be similar to Vilnius with 22-23 degrees during the night and about 29 degrees Celsius during the day. For those who are planning to visit near the Baltic sea, the temperature in the coast will be about 25 degrees Celsius during the night while during the day a rain with thunderstorms is possible. The temperature in the coastal area during the day will be about 29 degrees.

On Wednesday, the weather will be a little bit cloudy. In Vilnius at night is expected to be about 22-23 degrees. During the afternoon, the clouds will disappear and the temperature will rise up to 28 degrees Celsius. In Kaunas, the night will be warmer than in Vilnius with 23-24 and will reach 28 degrees during the day. In Šiauliai, the night expected to be clear with 21-22 degrees Celsius. During the daytime, the temperatures will rise to 27 degrees. In the coastal area it will be rainy weather with a thunderstorm. The temperature will be 21-23 degrees Celsius.

On Thursday, in many areas in Lithuania is expected to be rainy with thunderstorms. In Vilnius, the temperature will be 20-23 degrees Celsius during the night and the early hours of the morning. During the day, the rain will start and the temperature in the capital will be up to 26 degrees. In Kaunas, during the night the temperature is expected to be about 19-20 with a chance to rain. In the afternoon, the temperature in Kaunas is expected to reach 23 degrees Celsius. The weather in Šiauliai is expected to be a rainy day with 18-21 degrees. Near the Baltic Sea it will be calmer. Rainy weather is not expected in this area. During the night it will be about 20-22 degrees while in the afternoon the temperature will rise to 24 degrees Celsius.

On Friday, the rains are coming back to the all Lithuania. Thunderstorms and rains are expected and the weather will be cooler. In Vilnius, during the day the temperature will be about 19-22 degrees Celsius. In Kaunas, in the first half of the day, heavy rain is expected that suppose to stop at the second part of the day. The temperature in Kaunas will be about 19-20 degrees. In Šiauliai it is also expected thunderstorms and rainy weather. The temperature will reach 18-21 degrees Celsius. In the coastal regions it will be quite clear weather. During the first half of the day the temperatures will be about 17-20 degrees. In the afternoon, a light rain is expected with 24 degrees of heat.

According to, the cloudy weather will leave Lithuania and the heat will gradually return.

Aleksejus Podpruginas
Aleksejus Podpruginas is The Baltic Review author based in Israel

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