Lithuania is first among the Baltics in knowing foreign languages


According to the information that was published by statistical website OneEurope, Lithuania is taking the second place among the European countries and first between the Baltic States in knowing foreign languages. Basing on the stats, 97% of working Lithuanians between ages of 25 to 64 are speaking at least one more language beside the Lithuanian.

Lithuania lost the first position to Luxembourg where 99% of the working citizens are able to explain themselves in more than in a one language.

The third place belongs to another Baltic country, Latvia, where 95% of working people are speaking at least two languages.

Estonia took the third pot among the Baltic countries with 86% of working citizens who are speaking foreign languages together with the Estonian language.

The lowest rate of knowing foreign languages was in Hungary, where only 37% of working people are able to speak more than one language.

The average rate of the multilingual population among the 28 members of the European Union is 66%.



Source: OneEurope

Aleksejus Podpruginas
Aleksejus Podpruginas is The Baltic Review author based in Israel

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