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Lithuania: 46 percent are supporting the euro

Lithuania from the beginning of the next year is going to join the euro currency instead of the current currency, the litas. The country had more positive attitude towards regarding the common European currency. 

According to the data of the last public opinion poll conducted by the European bureau “Eurobarometr”, the percent of the supporters to join the eurozone increased by five percents and now is standing on 46% while one year ago only 41% of the Lithuanian population supported these steps.

At the same time the percent of the opposed to the introduction of the new currency decreased by six percents and now is standing on 48%. Six percents of the Lithuanians did not decide yet if they are supporting the joining to the eurozone or not. 

Lithuania will be the third and the last Baltic state to join to the Eurozone. Estonia joined to the common European currency at 2011, Latvia joined at the beginning of 2014 and at January first Lithuania will do this step as well.


Aleksejus Podpruginas
Aleksejus Podpruginas is The Baltic Review author based in Israel

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