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The Latvians go about their daily lives with little thought about the safety


[alert type=red ]54 people died a year ago in Riga when the roof of a supermarket collapsed[/alert]

The ROOT cause of accidents in Latvia both on a personal and on a mass level are due to the LACK of a Culture of Safety for people and situations at the social level

Accidents happen and accidents will continue to happen. But, there are FAR TOO MANY accidents in such a small population in such a short period of time.

In everyday life, you can see it with your own eyes:

  • people working in dangerous situations without safety glasses (gardeners – leaf blowing, etc)
  • workman using metal ladders outside working with electricity and electric tools
  • workman outside in rain and wet ground without ground fault electrical cords and protection
  • workman cutting bricks and street / sidewalk pave stones and bricks without improper equipment, tools, setups, eye protection, proper footwear
  • driving habits that are unsafe including speed, drugs and drinking, mobile phones and more
  • poor planning for what to do and how to do in case of an incident
  •  lack of preparedness and lack of tools for the response teams
  • poor training and practice of emergency teams

The list goes on and on.

In my opinion, Latvians go about their daily lives with little thought about the safety of what and how they are doing.

Since 2002, I have made requests of previous Latvian Presidents and again on 23 June 2013 after the Riga Castle fire – with no response.

My proposal is — that the top leadership of Latvia needs to join with senior Latvian citizens and put forth a serious Project to create a Culture of Safety awareness at all levels within the Latvian society.


by Mike Johnson

The Baltic Review
The independent newspaper from the Baltics - for the World!

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