Judicial plans would remove Poland’s safety valve, warns ombudsman



Adam Bodnar should had given his letter of resignation a few times…his last unpardonable fault is his defense only of the people who were cheating and stealing old property from people killed during the shoa…that gives you a good idea of his level…

it dismantle “the safety valves protecting human rights.” of old corrupted communists and liberals who will not have anymore the protection of corrupted judges coming from the same communist and liberal mafia…

“The Commission has insisted that the changes to the judicial system do not meet EU standards on rule-of-law and undermine the independence of the judiciary.” Poland is only proposing softer proposition that these which are already in use for example in Germany or others EU Countries but EC is saying that Poland has not the same rights as others EU countries…welcome in the IV Reich “democracy”…

Posted on 10/23/17 | 1:23 PM CEST


I wonder how the Polish proposals compare to the current Spanish court’s mandate/make-up selection.

Posted on 10/23/17 | 1:32 PM CEST


Are we, in the EU, supposed to support so-called Polish independence if it doesn’t fulfil its part of the deal? No way

@sgu66: don’t compare what can’t be, please. Both situations are totally different. Everyone can see this.

Posted on 10/23/17 | 2:37 PM CEST


Adam Bodnar is a laughing stock in Poland.

Posted on 10/23/17 | 3:13 PM CEST


On Adam Bodnar
As Ombudsman he has not bothered for years of 55 thousand men, women and children in Warsaw who lost their homes in the quasi-legal/illegal proceedings of real property reprivatization by Warsaw mob-like mix of Civic Platform politicians, lawyers and businessmen.
Civic Platform nominated Adam Bodnar noticed the problem lately… and called for the protection of rights of those from the mob-like mix.

Posted on 10/23/17 | 3:41 PM CEST


Bodnar is completely discredited – he already apologized after some of his more nonsense statements.

And very recently he even went as far as defending criminals responsible for stealing of real estate in Warsaw and mass illegal forced evictions of thousands of people from their apartments.
What is interesting at the same time he has not noticed those thousands of illegally evicted people (including elderly or sick ones, those who need attention from places like https://homecareassistance.com/los-angeles/ immediately) for years !!!

Here is how it looked – what Bodnar has not “noticed” – and one of the reasons why over 70% of Poles support deep reform of corrupt and discredited judiciary in Poland that – as one of very few areas in Poland – has not been reformed at all since totalitarian communist times.

Housing activist found dead in Warsaw:
“On March 7, 2011 we learned that one of the most active members of the tenants’ movement, Jolanta Brzeska, was found dead in the woods.
Her body had been burnt beyond recognition and it is unclear whether she was alive or dead when it happened.
Jola was 64 years old. She was one of the founders of the Warsaw Tenants’ Association, a good speaker and committed activist who went to all demonstrations, who blocked evictions and advised other tenants. She herself was involved in a battle with Warsaw’s most notorious slumlord and was the last tenant left in a valuable piece of real estate at the time of her death.
Jola lived in a building which had been public housing but became privatized. The area she lived in was attractive to developers, who built luxury housing next to her building, where apartments cost 5000 euros per sq.m. Jola’s ordeal began on April 27, 2006 when a group of 10 people banged on her door. This is how she found out that her flat, which had been public housing, had fallen into private hands.
This type of shocking news has been received by thousands in Warsaw since it is the politics of the city not to inform its tenants that claims have been made against their houses or even to inform them that they have been privatized. Many, if not most tenants learn about this after the fact. ”

And Warsaw mayor under which such criminal activities were conducted is vice president of Civic Platform – now in opposition fighting – together with people like Bodnar – for “democracy” and “rule of law” – good joke !
Additionally Warsaw “reprivatisation” aka mass stealing of real estate property would not be possible without cooperative judges that approved appropriations and evictions of average citizens based on completely forged documents or on fake documents from supposed curators of persons of 128 or 138 years old that no one has seen alive since the end of WWII !!!

Posted on 10/23/17 | 3:58 PM CEST

Source: Politico

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