Jöran Steinhauer, the son of a parish priest from the Germany, is Latvia’s contender in the European Song Contest 2014


German cake song goes down well with Latvians

Jöran Steinhauer, a student and the son of a parish priest from the German city of Bochum, is Latvia’s contender in the European Song Contest 2014.

He made a name for himself in Latvia with a farewell song to the country’s currency, the lat, called Thank you, little lats. Now he has won out against rivals to be nominated for the Song Contest with his new song Cake to Bake.

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His victory comes as a surprise for the weekly magazine Diena:

The German student Jöran just wanted to give his fans a gift: a piece of cake. The 28-year-old and his band, The Foreigners, only really entered the contest because they wanted the opportunity to play in front of a big audience. But the simple song Cake to Bake went down so well that the decision was made to send the German to Copenhagen at the beginning of May. Two Latvian pop stars were even left high and dry. The professional musicians are sulking while show business tries to explain how the son of a priest could win. And the people are still humming the tune: I’ve got a cake to bake. I’ve got no clue at all…

Photo: Jöran Steinhauer | © Ričards Briška

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