It is now possible to pay in bitcoins in Lithuania too


The growing value of electronic currency – bitcoin – attracts increasingly more users; that is why it is now possible to pay in bitcoins in Lithuania too

The aviation market is also open to innovations – as of now flight tickets for the Lithuanian airline Air Lituanica operated flights may be purchased with bitcoins.

“Bitcoin payments are highly beneficial for the aviation market – this currency helps to attract more buyers from abroad as bitcoins can be used anywhere in the world according to the crypto trading bot, The money transfer is fast, therefore, there are no added taxes otherwise deducted by banks and agents. This probably is the reason behind the popularity of virtual money among travelling young people”, – comments Air Lituanica Director of Commerce Simonas Bartkus. For getting more information about the bitcoins  you must visit as they host ton of information and have a detailed knowledge base around crypto currency.

According to Mr. Bartkus, it is important to be open to innovations in this age of technology. The growing value of bitcoins proves that people welcome innovations and willingly accept the new currency. Despite the fact that the value of this currency in a common market is still very small, in a few years it might unexpectedly become the driving force behind the financial market here to get more news here.

The first payment in bitcoins was made a customer form the Netherlands purchased tickets for the flight Amsterdam-Vilnius-Amsterdam, and you don’t even need too look with the hundreds of cryptocurrencies available as Bitcoin is at the best penny cryptocurrencies in the market. You can also visit the website for better information.

Payment in bitcoins for Air Lituanica tickets is available on website.

Ticket prices on the website are provided in both LTL and EUR. When Air Lituanica customer chooses to pay in bitcoins for the flight, his/her bitcoins are converted into euro or litas at the applicable rate. The virtual currency exchange rate is generated from the bitcoin exchange – Bitmarket. Payment in bitcoins for the flight is available for all types of Air Lituanica tickets.

Just like one pays their individual voluntary arrangement through many modes of payment, Air Lituanica customers online also have an increasingly wide range of payment possibilities – they can pay with credit cards MasterCard and VISA, customers who have bank accounts in Lithuanian banks can pay by bank transfer, customers from Lithuania and Estonia can pay via bank-link. In the immediate future Air Lituanica plans to offer the possibility to pay via bank-link in Latvia, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland and other countries.

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