Hamburg and Berlin head to head for an Olympic bid spot


German capital, Berlin, announced that the city is ready to put €2.5 million in its bid to host the 2024 or 2028 Summer Olympic Games. In capital will hope that the German Olympic Committee (DOSB) will choose Berlin as hosting site over their opponents Hamburg reports thelocal.de.

According to Focus magazine, Michael Vesper, the head of the DOSB, said that the German Olympic Committee will announce the choice for hosting city on March 21 in Frankfurt. The poll for hosting city is being conducted in February that might determine the winner. “We’ll then be able to see reliable figures and see where each city stands. Both cities could be the host,” said Vesper.

Who is traveling and living in Berlin probably saw or hared the slogan “We want the games!” on Berlin busses, in ad spots on radio and television, as well as on Air Berlin planes and Tegel Airport itself. According to Berlin senate documents, German capital has already spent about €234,000 on the campaign for hosting the games.

“Every time Berlin and the Olympics are mentioned together, these old pictures get pulled out again: Hitler on the stage. There must be something new, something different,” said Gregor Gysi, the leader of Die Linke (The Left), party and added that he is hoping for a successful Berlin bit and victorious.

Hamburg’s bid has already promised a new Olympic Stadium, which will be used in the future after the Olympics. Most of the Olympic sites are planned for the Kleiner Grasbrook area reported thelocal.de.

If Germany will win the international bid, it will be the first time that German city (whether Berlin or Hamburg) is hosting the Olympic games for last 52 years. The last German city to host the Olympic Games was Munich in 1972. The decision for hosting city for 2024 Olympic Games will be announced by the IOC in 2017.

The DOSB will announce the winner of a German candidate for hosting the Olympics in March 2015.

Aleksejus Podpruginas
Aleksejus Podpruginas is The Baltic Review author based in Israel

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