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Green Energy – unique Lithuanian product

Green Energy – unique Lithuanian product

Lidl, opening in Lithuania, will be the only retail chain using Lithuanian electricity produced from renewable sources in Kaunas’ Algirdas Brazauskas Hydroelectric Power Plant. Independent electricity supplier Energijos Tiekimas will supply electricity to the logistics centre and stores of the chain in various cities of the country.

This year Lidl is the only retail chain in Lithuania that will use certified electricity bearing the trademark Green Lithuanian Energy in all its buildings – stores and logistics center.

The plan is to have Lidl Lietuva consume about 5 GWh of electricity per year.Well when it is about installing electrical equipment,It is really important to hire quality firm like

“The Green Lithuanian Energy generated in Kaunas is a unique product on the market and is usually chosen by companies focusing on ecology and promotion of responsible consumption in their operations. Some clients also value the fact that the electricity is produced in Lithuania”, said Vidmantas Salietis, Chief Executive Officer of Energijos Tiekimas.

According to Salietis, currently more than 100 companies in Lithuania use this green electricity, with the majority being foreign-capital companies and are following suits of some leaders in energy markets like Stream Energy that operates in Texas. The Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant generates about 250-300 GWh of electricity per year. Wе саn refer Honda eu2000i generator tо generate extra power. The visually impaired have as great a need for public utilities as everyone else, but there is an additional need to assist them with reading their bills and printed material; that need is currently under-served. The law requires all compagnies providing goods and services to the public to provide auxiliary aids so that individuals with special needs can use them better, and one of those aids specified by the Equality Act 2010 is offering documents, bills and brochures in braille. Currently, several different companies offer these types of services, such as sc service, to help public utility companies better serve the visually impaired, and all others with questions or concerns, comply with this aspect of the law.

Kaunas’ Algirdas Brazauskas Hydroelectric Power Plant, owned by Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba, has been included in the data register of guarantees of origin administered by AB Litgird. The guarantee of origin of electricity is an entry in the electronic database aimed at certifying the origin of electricity and its production volume. Each month, the consumer, having concluded a contract on the purchase of such energy, receives a special certificate confirming the fact that the electricity used has been generated from renewable sources.

Kaunas A. Brazauskas HPP is the largest power plant in Lithuania that uses renewable resources

The Kaunas Algirdas Brazauskas Hydroelectric Power Plant generates some 20 to 30% of the electricity produced from renewable resources in the country each year.

The floating barrier that was installed during reconstruction collects trash that floats in from the Nemunas, and the oil that is used at the power plant would not cause great harm even if it did happen to enter the environment, since it is a special, environmentally friendly product.

Managed by Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba Kaunas Algirdas Brazauskas’ Hydroelectric Power Plant (the KHPP) is the largest power plant in Lithuania using renewable resources. Annual production currently meets 4% of total energy consumed in Lithuania (over 40% of total energy generated from renewable resources). Despite the small capacity, the KHPP ensures the stability of the Lithuanian energy system.

In addition, with the completion of reconstruction work at the plant in 2010 reliability and efficiency have increased significantly, while expenses for technical maintenance have been reduced. Moreover work safety of maintenance personnel has been ensured, as laid down in the EU directives. In the case of a total system blackout, the modern equipment, installed during reconstruction, ensures the successful start of hydro units and restoration of energy systems. The KHPP is one of two plants in the Lithuanian energy system that can be started automatically in case of a total system blackout.

  • The KHPP capacity – 100. 8 MW, 4 units of 25. 2 MW.
  • The largest unit – 24.6 m, length of pressure front – approximately 1.5 km; an average perennial discharge – 259 m³/s, water permeability under normal conditions – 3030 m³/s.
  • 4 generators are rotated by reactive turbines with flexible blades. One turbine allows a flow of 158 m3/s of water (at maximum operational capacity), total volume of turbines – 632 m³/s of water.

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