EU to start internal plans for Brexit trade talks, says draft Council document


Well lets move on then. We’re all able to jeep up with this pace.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 9:00 PM CEST


Good thing. We Europeans have waited now for more than a year and still don’t get an answer from London about the post-Brexit deal they wish. They can’t even tell us how the “divorce” in their eyes should be completed, while Europe (“the continent”) is united and got a clear position. Quite ridiculous to spend more time watching all the nasty, primitive, childish-like talks and daily changed positions among the British parlamentarians, the British government and the British society. How about new elections? Or some more position papers every week which include opinions British ministers will deny the next day?

Really hard to believe that this army of clowns was admired for their diplomacy for centuries. And what is left? Nothing but a mess. Since the UK now favors the “worst deal ever” (quote by Trump), I may just use the language POTUS prefers: #sad

Posted on 10/12/17 | 9:23 PM CEST


EUtopian trolls a bit quiet tonight?

Can’t think why.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 9:39 PM CEST


Please don’t. Everything was going so well.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 9:41 PM CEST



Where’s the good thing?

That the Euro fell against the pound. The pound is up against the dollar. The FTSE100 reached a record high. The FTSE250 is up.

All because Barnier said a ‘deadlock’ happened.

This is tidbit of information released for the markets today, because the Euro tanked today and the pound went up on hearing ‘no deal’ might be likely.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 9:42 PM CEST


*eventually/by the end of the day

Posted on 10/12/17 | 9:43 PM CEST



you must look beyond the European propaganda. Or are you one of those who believed the British team turned up on the first day of negotiations with no notes whatsoever?

Posted on 10/12/17 | 9:50 PM CEST


I don’t think these internal preparations will ever see the light of day. The EU Council of Ministers meet next week and they will pronounce ‘insufficient progress’. Even if by some miracle it doesn’t, then the EU Parliament will. Barnier is being hung out to dry by his own side.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 9:52 PM CEST


@wow: the good thing is that Europe is not waiting for a British message anymore. The clock is ticking and we are still pretty much where we were when the British people decided to leave the EU. We were patient and, to be honest, therefore a little bit naive because we believed in British diplomacy. This was a mistake which ended up in some lost time, but that’s not causing a crisis or what-so-ever.

@tony: it is a pretty bad (and sorta arrogant) style of discussion if you just mention an opinion I never spoke out, just because you want to yell childishly “EU propaganda”. Grow up or start talking to yourself if you prefer making up arguments even someone like you can refute.

Man, if I just knew what happened on the other side of the channel during the last decades…

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:03 PM CEST


So what? Markets fluctuate, it can look completely different tomorrow. The trend is the important variable. And the trend is not favorable to the Pound.
Btw the DAX also hit an all-time high today – maybe because Barnier said a ‘deadlock’ happened :))

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:07 PM CEST



‘the good thing is that Europe is not waiting for a British message anymore’…

That’s right… it is sorting out our trade deal we told them to sort out! Did you read the article?

Quite bizarre subjective nonsense there @rolle.

The EU has asked for their agreement on ECJ/bill/citizen’s rights. The UK has said NO.

UK has asked for one thing…. trade talks and the EU are preparing trade talks………..

I know you EUtopians spin everything as a positive for yourselves….. but the EU have deliberately released this info to try to stop UK walking off. They have given ground. Are you delusional?

Of course you are, silly question.

It hurts your pride that the UK has told you to Foxtrot Oscar.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:19 PM CEST

Juan Kerr

Obviously some form of relationship, good or bad, has to happen…
Better for all if the relationship is ‘good’…
A light at the end of the tunnel? Or is it a train ?

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:22 PM CEST


With respect I suggest you look at your entire post that I referenced. Nasty? Primitive?clowns?

Those are your insulting words and must come from the manner in which the European union has portrayed these talks and our country.

So the arrogance is not coming from me is it?

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:24 PM CEST



‘Btw the DAX also hit an all-time high today…’

Yes but the Euro was down. It has tanked against the pound AND the dollar. The dollar is also down against the pound. This means the pound ROSE on the news.

The point was all four: Pound UP against Euro, UP against Dollar, FTSE100 UP (all TIME high) and FTSE250 UP all on same news…..

Just the Dax up (and not at an all time high) is not news.

ALL FOUR is news…. hence why it was in the Guardian.

Like your friend Eutopian @rolle. I have no doubt any information will be disregarded. Your other europians dislike the Council of Europe, UN, and Amnesty on Spain/Catalan. Say the UN HDI is not good as a quarter of all EU are ‘developing nations’ and can’t stand Transparency International saying two-thirds of the EU is corrupt…

The NHS is biased advising me not to drink the water in three quarters of the EU…. University rankings are biased… the UN serves the anglo-sphere… you don’t like International Law… MIlitary ranking saying UK is No1 military in EU are biased…everybody is unfair…All international stuff including the markets/currency. All independent evidence.

Only reliable source of info to the EUtopians is …. the non-independent EU! You really are psycho’s!


Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:29 PM CEST


you couldn’t make it up. they’ll decide load of old sh|te that the UK can’t agree to and…
guess what.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:31 PM CEST


Don’t bother wow. He’s having his high. He’ll be back on his low soon again.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:32 PM CEST


So if they are having their ‘let’s pretend’ trade chat now, when should have they done it if Oct was the start of ‘not pretending’ trade chat? Jokers.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:38 PM CEST

Juan Kerr

Oh, I am outraged if that monkey finds some excuse to call it quits !
First, ‘must be met’, then ‘sufficient’,’considerable’, then ‘welcome progress’ whatever next ‘it’ll do’, followed by ‘oh lets just phuck it’ ? Just phuckin give in EU !
The EU wants any excuse for a trade deal with the UK !
I am so phukin pizzed.
Next there will be some sort of phuckin free trade deal !

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:39 PM CEST


I hope this report is true and that EU and UK start talking about a future trade relationship as that would signal that the moronic tantrums by BoZo & co. Of zero pounds to the EU are over and May got off her high horse about no deal! It signals that the UK government is coming to it’s senses and a Deal where the uk settles in the EU periphery is possible

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:42 PM CEST

Jack Boot.

The ‘cracks’ appear ! ?
Get in there my Polish buddy, knock some heads together.
And lets put ‘The Boot’ in charge !

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:43 PM CEST


@tony: I’m not the “EU”, but it’s obvious that you prefer creating a debate partner that doesn’t exist. And yes, what I heard from BoJo not just in EU talks, but also in other countries, was pretty nasty in my opinion. Several British diplomats and journalists share my point of view, but you just scream “European propaganda”. That’s pretty weird, but if you want to keep the weltanschauung that everyone is trying to fool and cheat on you, just go ahead. There is an interesting saying or phrase in German which is (after French) my second foreign language (and English being the third one): “Der Wunsch ist der Vater des Gedankens”. Literally it means “the wish is the father of the tought”, or in other words: someone is (subconsciously) hoping for something which didn’t exist (besides in his head), but he hopes it’s doing so because he wants to act/reply on it. If you suffer on lower motions and wish to attack Europeans, because it creates for you some feelings of unity (besides all the insecurity and dissent)…. I must repeat myself: go ahead. But do me a favor and please don’t pull me into this. I’m out.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:48 PM CEST


Could they be any more Drama Queen about these whole talks? Well, without turning up in drag that is. The shock horror is not even B movie quality and now @rolle has joined in. Oh the horror. Hashtagging is so not cool anymore @rolle ? #downwiththekids

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:51 PM CEST


“There is an interesting saying or phrase in German which is (after French) my second foreign language (and English being the third one)”

? ?

Posted on 10/12/17 | 10:54 PM CEST



I did not scream EU propaganda. I mentioned it only once in response to your highly insulting comments.

Where did you get the information from that entitled you to call out clowns or childish or nasty if not from the EU and their publicity machine?

Posted on 10/12/17 | 11:10 PM CEST


You made hard work of that rolle:

The wish is father to the thought
We believe a thing because we wish it to be true.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 11:12 PM CEST

Mike G

There is little to comfort Theresa May in this. The EU is still sticking by its rule that there has to be sufficient progress on the three questions, and they say we haven’t reached that in any of the three.
The problem is that our government is so divided amongst itself that little agreement can be reached in Westminster about anything.
And the pound continues to trend downwards, which is really hurting us

Posted on 10/12/17 | 11:18 PM CEST


So, I really did a mistake and looked into the comments section again. Anyhow. Tony: it might be (or may be?) unusual to you, but that’s my opinion. I don’t receive information or positions which I have to post in every article I can find. And if you guys just want to make fun of my horrible English skills, you’re welcome to do so. I was hoping for some facts instead of bogus arugments, but here we go again: I was pretty naive believing this might happen. Go ahead a feel superior if this emotion helps getting rid off your personal, daily problems. Just blame some people you don’t know and (ironically) confirm everything I said in this section.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 11:23 PM CEST



Your English skills are very good. You made some very insulting comments about my country. However if they are what you believe that is your right.

You must understand that the UK has been suffering from Europe propaganda from day one when it was claimed that the Davis team turned up for the first day of negotiations without any notes.

That was of course complete nonsense but believed by many who comment here.

I am glad that your opinions are not being formed by their publicity machine.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 11:34 PM CEST



It isn’t a secret most people are here just to take the p|ss a bit and have a giggle. It’s you guys that take it all very seriously and play armchair expert on every single topic.

Relax and don’t take it so seriously ?

Your English is very good btw, but we’ll still take the p|ss.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 11:34 PM CEST

Baicoun Sarneh

So, the EU is finally coming round to the realisation that the UK is leaving with or without a deal. A deal is best for both parties, but ECJ/NI in CU/exit bill is of no benefit to the UK so is off the table as soon as the EU can save some face.
We are not Greece to be bullied and made to obey.

We can negotiate those things that benefit us both, but a demand with no corresponding benefit to the UK is not an item for negotiation.

Posted on 10/12/17 | 11:49 PM CEST

Mike G

NI is of no benefit to the UK – seriously?
Reaching some sort of agreement on NI is vital to the UK’s interest. Apart from anything else, Britain is bound by treaty to find and promote a solution to the conflict there, which could still erupt again. And we do not want British boys dying in NI again (which is a worst case scenario, but is still possible if we really botch it).
The problem is that Westminster still can’t say what sort of Brexit it wants, which prevents any sort of proposal being put forward for NI, which means we are never going to meet the EU demand for sufficient progress. For example, if we were serious about “hard Brexit”, that at least would let us put forward concrete proposals for NI. But TM is not willing to take a position which could jeopardise support from the prickly DUP, and as Hammond’s recent comments show, many in government do not accept that hard Brexit is inevitable. And then there is our very obvious lack of preparation over the past 12 months for a hard Brexit. I don’t agree with hard Brexit, but at least if Westminster said that and meant it, there could be some actual proposed solutions for NI. As it is, we just go round in circles – it doesn’t impress the Irish, or the northern Irish, or the EU.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 12:10 AM CEST



WTF? If your opening message is filled with insults and snide remarks don’t cry when you get some back. You came on asked all the Brits to bring it then cry because they do! ~o/~ Trolling isn’t for you rolle, or if you don’t think you are trolling, the Internet isn’t for you.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 12:10 AM CEST

Baicoun Sarneh

I didn’t say NI is of no benefit to UK. I said NI in customs union is no benefit to the UK since that would put the EU border in the Irish sea, and as Arlene Foster stated today, that is a red line for the DUP ( and so it should be).

Posted on 10/13/17 | 12:14 AM CEST

Jack Boot

@Mike G

Leave NI alone (and out of any negotiations), it is nothing more than an EU tactic to stir up troubles and cause conflict within the UK with the intention of breaking up the UK for the benefit of the EU….

Posted on 10/13/17 | 12:15 AM CEST

Poland speaks

Interesting comments from Poland coming out of London meetings.

So not all 27 are together anymore lol

Posted on 10/13/17 | 12:18 AM CEST

Jack Boot


You are obviously German.
There are other German expressions, would you like me to quote you many from your past that are still relevant today (possibly more so) ?
The UK is leaving, be happy that only 1 saw and escaped your 5th Reich.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 12:19 AM CEST


@ Mike G

You appear to have swallowed EU propaganda hook, line and sinker. The only solutions to the EU-UK border in Ireland have come from the UK. The EU has proposed nothing.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 12:23 AM CEST

Jack Boot

There exists an easy solution to the NI/RoI border.
The EU simply needs to give the RoI the special status in that it alone (out of all the EU member states) can have a special trade deal with the UK (provided that it is not a back door into the UK for expensive EU goods). Problem solved,.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 12:24 AM CEST


I don’t get it! Both sides talk about ‘Winners and Losers’. It’s a zero sum thinking and game where no one wins. We need to replace this bunch of middle management ego maniacs with people who want to work together to make it a win-win for everyone. What’s done is done – let’s move on!

Posted on 10/13/17 | 12:35 AM CEST

Mike G

Okay, but EU itself has never proposed that NI stay in the CU, although some individuals both within and outside the EU have done so. The problem as I wrote is that Westminster can’t make any actual proposal on NI, because it doesn’t know what sort of brexit it wants.
@jack boot
Sorry but it’s not up to me or you. The EU has said it requires some progress on NI or talks don’t go further. So far, there is no real sign they are going to give any on that, but we can see if they do.
In real terms we haven’t. Sure there have been peripheral proposals, but until we are prepared to say that we definitely leaving the single market and the customs union, and mean it, no real proposal re NI is possible. May says we are, but appears to be assuming we can replace it with a bespoke deal in similar terms, and she has done no preparation. And Hammond says maybe we aren’t leaving SM and CU, and he hasn’t been sacked.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 12:35 AM CEST

Mike G

@jack boot
“The EU simply needs to give the RoI…”
But it hasn’t, and I can’t think of any sign that it ever will.
So why waste time on something that is never going to happen?

Posted on 10/13/17 | 12:40 AM CEST

Jack Boot

@Mike G

It is the EU that requested the UK be imaginative over the RoI/NI border, and I for one (the only one so far) has been. And it makes PERFECT sense and twists the EU’s own argument against them.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 1:01 AM CEST

Jack Boot


Bang on, we can have 2 gainers if only the EU would submit to not ‘winning’……

Posted on 10/13/17 | 1:03 AM CEST

Jack Boot

But, we (UK and EU) have Mr Junckers personal little war with the UK to get past first.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 1:04 AM CEST

Mike G

@jack boot
Sure you personally might find it interesting. But you might as well suggest that the EU paint the ECJ purple. It’s never going to happen and the EU is never going to give such a special status to Ireland, So why bother even discussing it?
Until our leaders can say what sort of Brexit they are proposing, there will be no progress on NI.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 1:23 AM CEST


Way too little, way too late.
The EU has nothing to offer the U.K.
They have been ripping us off for years.
Walk away now Mrs May and get on with preparations for Brexit.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 1:29 AM CEST

Sub- Continent

I can not see why we in the EU are so concerned about the UK. We do not need the UK’s money; we do not need UK market for trade; our citizens from the Eastern European area can earn better money in Spain and Portugal (once they learn the local languages). Frankly our EU negotiators should stop wasting time and effort. To be fair though, we in the EU, should stop paying a portion of the EU-negotiators salaries and benefits, as these are funded by the UK whom we want to expel from our club – forthwith. The UK are nothing but trouble makers.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 1:50 AM CEST


Sub- Continent

Wahay ? Feeling the heat fella?

Posted on 10/13/17 | 2:07 AM CEST


The day after Thursday, Friday the 13th. Couldn’t pick a better date for EU’s demise. Let’s have cake and eat it! It’s better to be outside the EU than inside.

Posted on 10/13/17 | 3:18 AM CEST

Source: Politico

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