Estonian criminal police apprehend Prime Minister death threat man


Estonian criminal police apprehended a man at the end of October who on social media threatened to kill Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas

Police have the 33-year-old man in custody and he has been questioned about the case.

Taavi Rõivas

Taavi Rõivas

The investigation found that the man gathered and shared information on the possible home of the prime minister. The man also described the working tactics and resources of Rõivas’s bodyguards.

“Threatening to kill a man is not acceptable and authorities had to react. There were clear danger signs in the behavior of the man, such as direct statements which included threats against a high-ranking state official and reference to concrete steps, like observing the threatened party,” State Prosecutor Steven-Hristo Evestus said.

According to the Penal Code, if the man is found guilty, he could face up five years in prison.



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