Estonian government suggested to ban Muslim headgear


Estonian Social Defence Minister Marguss Cahkna had actualized the matter regarding whether or not it is necessary to ban brakhas in the country

Last week, during a government meeting, he suggested banning Muslim headgear and other garments that cover the face.

The goal of this initiative is to prevent problems that have already surfaced in other European countries.

The government has asked Justice Ministry to analyse problems related to integration of people from different cultural background. One specific proposal was the ban of garments that cover the face.

“Rules have to be adopted before problems that have already appeared in other European countries start appearing in our country. Regulating this matter is very complicated. As for wearing face-covering garments in public places, our society prefers having identifiable people,” said Cahkna.

He noted that it would only be fair toward Estonians and people who travel to Estonia – to provide them with this information beforehand.

Wearing clothes that cover the face should be regulated with specific legislative amendments.

The minister noted that Muslims living in Estonia currently do not have problems with this matter, as there have not been any sightings of people wearing face-covering garments so far.

Nigar Jafarli
Nigar Jafarli is BR Author and AZERTAC Correspondent in the Baltic States

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